My ND5 XS won't recognise / play FLAC files ....?

I’m new to streaming and tried several formats MP3 works, WAV works but FLAC won’t …is it me or my ND5 XS?.. cheers for any advice

FLAC works fine on the ND5XS. It would probably be better to explain how you are attempting to play FLAC files.

For example what are storing your files on, or are you are streaming from a service? If so which one? And what firmware does your ND5 XS have at the moment?

I have a friend who had what could be the same FLAC play problem. His streamer is a Cyrus & was storing audio, mostly MP3 & some FLAC, on his laptop & using Windows Media Player.
He copied & converted FLAC as MP3 as a workaround, then got a NAS

It’s possibly your flac files, your streamer should have no difficulty whatsoever in playing a true flac.
I suggest downloading some known quantity “good” flacs and playing those:
try here 2L High Resolution Music .:. free TEST BENCH
e.g. anything in the CD quanlity column, or the 24/96 column should play perfectly.

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