My New Chord Sarum T RCA Cable Doesn’t Work

Received my new cables last weekend and immediately hooked them up to the system. Unfortunately one of the cables doesn’t work. Spoke with the dealer and he indicated they can be a bit delicate. Any of you have issues with chord cables? Was looking at buying matching speaker cables but this is a bit disconcerting.

You have to avoid twisting them at the connection. Look at the seam closest to the terminal and see if one or more isn’t sealed. In other words, has it been twisted. I have been able to realign them to get them to work.
I’ve learned not to twist them.
Ssrums are the only Chord cables I’ve had a problem with.

I had a Chord Music cable go bad… had to ship it back to the UK for repair. It happens.

Hi @Katzky2021

Are there any instructions with them to tell you not to twist them?
Did your dealer tell you not to twist them?
If not then do a web search for Consumer Goods Act 2015.
If I had spent that amount of money I would be a thorn in the side of the dealer.

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The instructions actually say to “use a gentle twisting motion” when installing or removing.

Not sure what to look at. Both cables look the same and one works fine. Would you be so kind as to provide a visual aid?

It’s no matter brand or model an RCA cable that you push on to the female RCA and good to go. Get it back to the dealer and get it replaced and don’t care about twisting and delicate etc.

Most RCA cable instructions say this, as it’s the only way to get them to fit snugly…and it can cause some worry when doing it.

Can you post a photo of the cable which isn’t working? IME, it’s very difficult to see whether a crimp and/or a solder joint has come apart - the only way is is check the sheath/collar for signs of distress.

My Chords have been replaced by Ansuz D2’s. However, it was a DIN end I had the problem with.
Back in the day I had to send a Super Sarum back to England to be repaired. That was an RCA cable.

I have a DIN, treated only with utmost care, but still got a bad solder joint. Is currently back at Chord for warranty repair

Chord gives a 5-year warranty IIRC, should not be an issue

you should have bought superlumina.

I never liked the Sarums.

Very helpful :slight_smile: Maybe the OP does like the Sarums …


It’s a brand new cable so your dealer should be helping you to either make it work or by replacing it. You shouldn’t need to ask on a Forum. The responsibility lies with your dealer.

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Indeed! Don’t mess with the cable because if anything that could get you in trouble. Contact your dealer and work it out with them :call_me_hand:

Maybe ….

the OP should talk to chord…

It’s not a Naim cable….

Sure of course he should talk to Chord, or rather his dealer. He was just asking if anyone else has experienced similar issues with the Sarum T. And as per the responses, several people have and Chord fixed it as they should.

And of course the dealer should have told him to return it and it will get fixed

Naim own cable, the Hiline, breaks very often. Someone here returned it 4 times for repair.
It seems to be the only Naim cable to have that fragility.

Unfortunately super lumina is outclassed by the Sarum T


I have a complete (and I mean complete) set of Sarum T cabling. Not a thing has gone wrong, as you’d expect given the cost. Chord, through your dealer will fix.

Oh, and it was hearing the speaker cables for the first time set me on the road to replace the Naim stuff after using the latter for what seems to be most of my life.

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