My old MD gym listening kit

I purchased this Sony MD Walkman MZ-R90 minidisc rec/player about 23 years ago to use on my thrice weekly visit to the gym.

It was expensive,£250 all those years ago but I was so pleased with it.

Using the supplied optical cable, I duplicated CDs from my Arcam CD72 player which has an optical out and played Bat Out Of Hell, etc. whilst on the treadmill or rowing machine.

20 years ago, I put it into storage, I had no further use for it.

This morning, I was having a rummage about in the spare bed/junk room and found its safe place. I thought I’d give it a go.

Believe it or not after 20 years of non use, one of those rechargeable batteries has charged and is powering the MD.

I only have one disc left having disposed of the others years ago, it contains a radio program I obviously had an interest in at the time and it plays.

Well, 12 years ago we bought our own Concept 2 rowing machine that we both (Mrs Dashing) use regularly, so I’m bringing this back into use.

Blank discs and the gum stick batteries can still be bought.

I found Bat Out Of Hell was good for the rowing machine but poor for the treadmill, I think it was Satisfaction on the mill or was it Fade Away? :smiley:


MD was brilliant. This is mine, bought in about 2000 or so. It hasn’t worked in years, not since being drowned in the bottom of a bag by a bottle of water when the cap came away.



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