My phone cant find my Uniti Atom

I recently bought a Uniti Atom… but my Samsung s7 edge phone cant "discover "it, nor can my work I phone 5,nor my brand new samsung tablet. My s7 did find it when I took the the uniti t9 the Samsung shop however so it must be something to do with my Wi-Fi but virgin media Gadget rescue cant work it out ! And my ten year old Samsung galaxy tablet CAN find the atom at home, but it’s very old and so slow.

Why can’t my devices find my Uniti atom on my home network…
. Any ideas anyone?


First thing I would try is connecting your Atom to your router with an Ethernet cable. That way you can find out whether it’s the Atom not seeing the WiFi or your phone/app not seeing the Atom. You could do it temporarily by moving the Atom or you could buy a long ethernet cable. They don’t cost much; cat5e is fine - you don’t need cat 6.



I will assume all your devices, Naim app and Atom software are up to date.

My dealer and some members have recommend disabling IGMP Snooping in the router, thats if the router has this function.

Lots of info on discovery in the forum, just use the search function.

Example of discovery discussion

If the OP is using a standard VM superhub then you don’t need to fiddle with it. It should just all work. (And I don’t think you can disable IGMP snooping on it anyway),



thanks both for your messages…I’ll post if I can get anywhere with this!

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