My superuniti has been in storage for 5+ years

Hi all. This might be a silly question, but it’s been in my brother’s loft since 2016 and I’m planning on getting it out and starting using it again. I’m wondering if I should just plug it in and go, or if there’s anything I should do first or look out for? It’s been in the box in the loft.

Plug in, allow some time to warm up while setting up all the other bits and start listening. Might take a few days to come back on song but will work just fine straight away. I have done similar and left for longer than that!


Simple, thanks!

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There is a small chance that condensation could have built up inside the box over time, especially in a loft where temperature fluctuations are common. This can lead to problems when you turn the unit on. For that reason I would leave it in a warm dry place for a few days before powering it up.
The chances of this causing problems are very low, I admit, but I have seen one example if an old cassette deck which died on power up. Opening the case revealed condensation which had fried it within a second or so of getting mains power.


This is exactly this kind of thing I was worried about. I’ll take your advice - thanks!

Good advice from Chris. The main issue with condensation is when you have a bit of kit that has become very cold that then comes inside a warm house.

If I ever send anything by courier during winter months I always warn against immediately unpacking and powering up the moment after the delivery driver has left. It’s best to unpack and leave at room temperature for a few hours before applying power.


Got it… It’s a thatched roof too, so maybe condensation would be more likely. Definitely going to let it sit for a few days just to be safe.

I suggest you put it on a firm support and connect to a pair of speakers you may have available. Use quality speaker wire but normal 79 strand will do to start.
Turn volume knob to 0 and select mute button on power up.
Leave to power up for 1 to 2 hours then plug in Ethernet lead and set up network ( or wireless if no Ethernet available).
Set to an internet radio channel then unmute and slowly increase volume.
If all is well you should hear quality sound.
If all is well buy some decent speaker cable and treat yourself to some new or secondhand £2k speakers to go with them

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Good idea. I’ve actually got some proac d20r up there too so I’ll leave it all for a few days after unpacking then do as you suggest. Thanks.

You can’t power up the Superuniti in anything but volume 0. Actually, there is no volume indicator on the “knob”. And the mute button (i.e. the Naim logo) only works once it is powered. So don’t bother about these things.
If the unit has not been in use that long firmware is most likely outdated. The app will tell you where exactly it is. You must go through the updates in sequence.

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No you don’t need to go through the updates in sequence. It is fine to go directly to 4.8 providing that it is on at least 3.0, which it will be because all SuperUnitis were released after the days of 3.0. Most of the earlier firmware releases are not available anyway.

Anyway the 4.8 release notes confirm what you have to do.

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Ok I’ll check the release notes. Thanks

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