My upgrades from the past weeks

Last night i picked up mu cd5, and i am very impressed so far, i had a Roksan k2, but cd5 is another level, flatcap will be my next upgrade.
Earlier this month i remplaceerde my Rega p2 with this Nice yellow P3-24, this also was a big upgrade.

Here’s an outline about what this category is all about


Very nice look you have going there! My wife would utterly approve.

You may want to think about your stacking options - you may well find it improves more if the SN and CD5 are separate…
And especially if you are planning a power supply, which should be away from the CD5. Perhaps rejigging the cupboard contents…

But, a lovely and stylish look I must say.


Looks good as @steviebee says separating them might improve the sound but enjoy it as it is you can start tweaking later lol !!!

BTW Where are you living the style of the roofs remind me of Holland or Belgium?

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What a really wonderful room. Great Vibe!

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I live in the east of holland

When I stack the two, is this the right way? So the cd5 at the bottom?

Cool i spend a lot of time in Utrecht Holland is a lovely country !!!

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You should avoid stacking your Naim boxes if possible. In particular, you should try to keep power supplies and power amps away from sources, but ideally you should put each box on its own shelf.

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As ChrisSU said…

Try and keep power transformers away from audio signals. The SN transformer is on the right, so at least is opposite from the CD5 tray. But I would try and separate them if at all possible. And a Flatcap, HiCap etc really should have its own shelf…but, hey, if it sounds good now, just try moving SN/CD and see if the SQ improves…if not… :sunglasses:


Nice system.

With regard to separating the Naim boxes, have you considered a wall shelf for the TT which will free up the space under the TT.

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Nice system there, might be worth waiting for a HiCap for your 202 it certainly works well with mine.

Edit: Very nice rug too!

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That also has crossed my mind, is indeed a possibility, CD player can also be fitted in the cabinet.

It is an XS

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Of course…thought it was a SNait… Whoops!

Is that an IKEA bread/chopping board i see under your CD5… ?

Yes, it is the small one;

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Also find IKEA useful for basic (grown out of upgrading system)

I use tabletop as base and inserted adjustable spikes through to concrete had put underneath… shortened legs on next three… actually a nice beneficial improvement and doesn’t look too bad.


Looking good

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