My year with Qobuz

It’s official. My daughters use Qobuz more than I do.
My top artists 1 Little Mix 461 mins
My top albums 1 Confetti by Little Mix 252 minutes
My top tracks, 1,2 & 3 Little Mix
Total time listening 9441 minutes = 157 hours
Or approx £1 an hour as I started subscribing late Feb.


Listened to it for the first time at a demo on Saturday. Was impressed but have the problem I have with all streaming services. I don’t have an especially obscure collection of music but about 40% simply doesn’t exist on any of them.

You say your daughters.


Was just thinking same thing

It’s quite an interesting email.

I subscribed at the end of March and have accumulated 34,470 minutes of play time, that’s nearly 24 days! 8688 tracks, top artist Silje Nergaard. I managed 12 hours of listening on December 12th!

When you see these statistics it makes the subscription seem great value.

I clearly dont use it enough! Yours is 4x mine.

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Where have you all found this out from? Not seen anything myself from Qobuz. I like the idea of this though - Spotify have been doing something similar the last few years.

QoBuz sent and email today with a rundown of my 2020 music.

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I also got an email from Qobuz, it is interesting. Having finally got my hifi set up in October (with good advice from many on this forum) I spent a long time “burning in”, often overnight with large playlists. The results is 34,000 minutes of music playing in 3 months, mostly classical (Mahler Symphonies). All time record on Oct 25 is quoted as 1492 minutes - must have been a very long day!

Thanks to all who helped me pick my ND5 XS2 and Nait XS3. Roon on the Innuos has been a revelation in finding new music, mostly on Qobuz and my Canadian speakers sound lovely. My library has expanded by 100% thanks to Qobuz and Roon.

Seasonal Greetings to All


Qobuz informed me today that I have been listening to the same 20 tracks from 20 albums over and over and over and over again. And yeah, that’s true. But now the system is in place* and I promise that next year I will listen to music and not the system!

* Still need to get the P10 purchase in before Jan 31. A fittingly insane ending to an insane year that started with the P8 in January.

The stats they sent me were rubbish, it looks like it only picked up data from when I was logged in to the app, probably on my phone when out walking or in the car and completely missed when I was using it via my NDX2.

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Not the case for me at all.

Same here

I don’t think it reflects usage through any other app but the Qobuz one?
The results I got were well off the mark.
I don’t think it considers any other 3rd party app like Naim or Roon.
Just a thought.

It definitely includes Roon as that’s all I use.

Well I have used the Qobuz app maybe for an hour since I started subscription at the end of September and it did show all the stuff I played through the Naim and Roon apps.
Maybe there is a weighting issue when the Qobuz app was used significantly


Thanks. No email from them yet sadly.

The email I received was total BS, I listen to quite a bit on Qobuz and the most frequent albums had the first listed as ‘Dream Songs: The Essential Joe Hisaishi’ which I believe I gave one spin as well as the other four. The five favorite tracks were not even close.

Some sort of marketing push which makes the company look pretty poor.

I love the service but if this was meant to be a serious attempt of providing accurate feedback they exposed themselves as having a very poor IT department.

This also make me worry about the reimbursement the artists are supposed to receive if the company can not track actual play time of the artists.

I sent an email to Qobuz asking for an explanation and will see if they provide a response.

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And here. Was very puzzled by the stats: listened for 58 minutes, even though I’ve dozens of favourites. Now it makes sense.