Mysterious Hicap buzz

My Hicap has taken to buzzing at around 8pm every night. This has only been for the last few weeks with no problems at all prior to that. It’s a pulse rather than a constant buzz, sometimes loud but mostly quiet though still audible. I haven’t tried isolating all the electrical items in my house as I haven’t bought or started using anything new in that time. I live in a detached bungalow. I went into the garden the other night when it started. At first I thought a neighbour was mowing the lawn but I think it was the local distribution transformer itself in a nearby field was buzzing.

Likely some change on the mains in your neighborhood, and as you noted the local distribution transformer was buzzing that is likely the cause.

Hi, not quite the same but I had periodic hum/electrical buzz from my Hicap, saw another post on the systems pic thread recommending to someone else to move the hicap to the left of the amp, I thought i’d give it a go and since then utter silence. I didn’t know the source of why it would start humming (it was quite random but usually in the day when other electrical equipment in use) but this has certainly stopped it. I’ve got a 1.2M wide rack, so was easily able to swap around putting distance between the SN3 and the HiCap, worth a try? It basically moved the power supplies from the HiCap and the SN3 to their furthest distance from each other.

I unravelled such a mystery in our house recently. My wife sometimes put the electrical toothbrush in the charger and sometimes not. That was the difference!

It was a very soft buzz though, only audible sub 1 metre.

My whole system used to suddenly hum like crazy whenever anyone else in the house was using curling tongs, hairdryer, or electric blanket.

Well amazingly I have recently bought an electric toothbrush, will investigate.

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I don’t really have the option to reconfigure my system set up at present Adam, and Richard, there are no hair dryers etc in use. I’ll investigate the toothbrush but I doubt that accounts for the humming distribution transformer. As Zenarcade states, it’s likely something local affecting the mains.

Wouldn’t be Sunday morning without a sudden increase in the hum level.

Same here, i know who is in the bathroom now and what she is doing only litenning to my system …

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