Mythology transform x rack

Impressive audio rack. Only 5 k for 1 level.
If you are interested, a review in 6 moons audio.


I will buy one to place the carbon brush that I keep next to my Air Force Zero,

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The whole rack

And the Techdas on IKEA shelf, of course.

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Now what does this remind me of?


Yeah, can’t say I’m enthralled. Might have an attraction for the single male but out in the real world it’s simply not domestic furniture no matter how significant the impact.

There’s a ton of technology going on within something relatively simple looking and compact.

Hmmm, they talk about WAF but no matter how good that rack is, there’s no way I’d put something that looks like that in my home.

But tastes vary. It may look great in some environments. I just can’t imagine any.


Technical aspects, from Mono and Stereo.

Innovative vibration control through VHC System.

  • VHC(Vertical Horizon Vibration Control Technology) represents the technology that handles vibration in every direction.
  • This vibration control system with VHC technology does not break the balance in all bandwidth and comes up with an information quantity of music source as much as possible.
  • The most important factor in operating audio equipment is an electric power supply and vibration control.
  • There’re three representative types in the audio equipment vibration: floor vibration, vibration through air and micro-vibration from the inside of the device.
  • HIFISTAY Mythology Transform integrates special technology with Audio Rack to control such three types of vibration.

X-Frame & Perfect Pointer

  • It can be applied to any audio device.
  • With a freely movable cantilever system, you can apply it to any device regardless of size.
  • The Perfect Pointer’s ceramic ball bearing system makes you feel like a cloud(floating in the air) and effectively prevents external vibration.
  • Adjustable Aspect Ratio Frame
  • X-Frame structure connects to spike and shoes(VHC SYSTEM) at the bottom through each pole.
  • You can adjust the horizontal and vertical angles of X-Frame depending on the installation environment and device.

Totally agree.

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