N dac&DoP

Hi ,doe’s my n dac support DoP ?
Tks Giovanni.

Nobody knows?
Tks in advance Giovanni.

This might be of interest:


Yep,but have mine older n dac who supports dsd : DSD 64 and 128 compatible.
My point is if it’s compatible with DoP ,
Dsd over Pcm via spdif.
In the is instructions is not clear for me ,it It seems only Dsd in native mode, instead I need dsd over pcm : DoP for upsampling purposes. For example 24/192 pcm resample in Dsd.
Any help?
Tks Giovanni

Why do that here? Surely just to keep it as 24/192 would be better here.

Cause I have an usb to spdif converter that support Dop up to 64,and I’d like to setup in my system naim dac.
I was told that upsampling 16/44.1 pcm to Dop 64 ,or more if have the hardware ,sounds very good ,but it seems n dac doesn’t support it.only support dsd 64/128 native dsd.
Can someone confirm pls ?
Tks Giovanni.

Hi @gio_b

Although the ndac supports DOP encoded DSD64 via spdif we would not recommend to go this route.

Primarily the processing chain will end up as:
Pcm in -> dsd64 conversion -> spdif -> dsd64 converted to 705.6kHz with necessary noise shaping, which in turn goes direct to the DAC IC running in external oversampling mode.

Run it in pcm mode and the custom oversampling filter in the nDac’s dsp will do a superior job and generate a lot less HF noise and accumulative conversion errors.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

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But does the N dac accept via spdif pcm at
384khz ? And does mine support Dop up to 128 ?
Tks Giovanni.

Hi @gio_b

On S/PDIF the interface limit is 192kHz or dsd64 DOP. It woukd need custom extensions to go beyond that and hence no longer S/PDIF.



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From web site i read

Our DAC is now DSD compatible and able to play 64 (2.8MHz sample rate) and 128 (5.6MHz sample rate) files; the upgrade required significant optimisation of the core DSP code which has also improved its sound quality.

So ,does it support Dop 128 (5.6MHz sample rate) and 384khz pcm via spdif?

Tks Giovanni.


as Steve confirms above, “on S/PDIF the interface limit is 192kHz or dsd64 DOP. It would need custom extensions to go beyond that and hence no longer S/PDIF”.

For DSD128 I guess you would need to load the file on a stick and play over the USB input.

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Thk for the explanation.

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