N-Sat loudspeaker

Assuming that everyone has a different perception, in first instance system set up and room dimension/shape is paramount. Mine are on their dedicated stands along a a 11m solid wall and they actually excel for bass, scale and speed (Our Max B. can testify)
For the record some decades ago had a pair of Linn Kan. When placed on the short 3m wall bass and scale were absolutely nil. In the same room and placed on the long wall (4.9m) bass extension, scale and soundstage were totally transformed. My last acquisition, a nice pair of IBL in the other room on a very long wall as well are much lighter with bass but with an even better midrange with quasi-electrostatic quality

That is why, among all possible speaker upgrades, the best idea would be for me to keep the Sats and those qualities of theirs I cannot give up with, and add their dedicated sub - which, BTW, is also a very fine and attractive piece of equipment.

I heard N-Sat with N-Sub many time with Nait5. Excellent sound for a small speaker. I thought they were a better value than the Naim floorstanders available in the US at that time. Space dependent for sure though.

When I had just removed the large sofa but the circular carpet was not there yet, the room was a bit too resonating, but the Sats sounded live, open, engaging, and much larger than they are.
Speakers like those - or, for that, my former Klipsch Heresy IIIs - seem to love some reverberation. The room has to be heard to a certain extent. Or so my ears prefer.

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Do you have a Naim dealer nearby who maybe perhaps familiar with n-SATs and could check them out for you?

Stands solid steel
Naim speaker cable
Technics sl1200g , Primare r 35 , Dynavector xx2mk2

vielen dank für eure unterstützung . vielleicht sind die n-sat einfach nicht meiner lautsprecher .

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Thank you.

It’s possible this may help if you don’t have the manual. From the Naim manual:

“Choose a site where they can be located between 1.2m and 4m apart (4ft and 13ft), clear of room corners, and where each loudspeaker is between 5cm and 60cm (2” and 24”) away from a solid back wall. It is not necessary to angle the loudspeakers inwards towards the listening position.”

Hallo Christopher , thanks a lot for your help .
Kind regards

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Hallo Ricsimas , I look and the polarity is ok .
Kind regards

I try now the speaker are parallel. The sound is much better .


Just out of curiosity how much are a pair of N-Sats (no stands) going for these days?

There are some with stands on a well known site for £400 or best offer.

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Thank you. I saw the ad but the stands are not the original ones and I think the seller is being a bit “ambitious” with the price.

Anything from around £350 to £500 depending on condition and finish.

I picked up a mint piano black pair, from a watchmaker, with n-STANDs, all boxed as new, for £550 two or three years ago.


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