n-SATs man, forget the n-SUB

What a pair of speakers. Unbelievable!




You have done a lot to your system, so remember you are hearing the benefit of the entire system, not just the speakers.

It seems to me that some on here, me included, pick out one component for praise, when in fact it is an entire system, working in synergy, that produces the end result.

Having said that, you must know what difference the n-Sats made. Enjoy.


These speakers are incredible. I’m literally crying. I can’t believe how musical they are!

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I’ve read your swooning over these speakers this past summer around the time I saw a really nice pair of n-SATs come up for sale. Didn’t get them in time and have been looking for a pair ever since. Seem like a great choice for my office system to go with my NAIT5i-2. Obviously not nearly as refined as your system but I figure a good addition for the right price.

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It must be Sunday :grinning:

They are great little speakers though (but they do like a well setup n-Sub)

Maybe they do James, but, boy, the n-SATs are keen buggers😆

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Man, do not hesitate. If you see a nice pair turn up, grab them with open arms, preferably with the dedicated stands :laughing:

The n-SUB is good, but, the SATs tend to carry it along, not the other way around. It simply isn’t required, and it slows things down, as is to be expected with ‘any’ sub in a two channel stereo system. Proper.

There’s a feeling of deja vu about this thread…


I’m not joking.

Dear @Richard.Dane - do you think this thread could be merged with Stephen’s last thread extolling the virtues of n-SATs ‘Why are Naim’s n-SATs the finest speakers in the world?’. Thanks

Not if it’s setup properly it doesn’t. :roll_eyes:

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In my system it simply is not missed, in any shape or form. In fact, i’m glad it’s now turned off. The n-SUB is superfluous. It’s a big lump in my listening room that is simply a big lump, and bloody heavy, and in the way.

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Sell it. It’s a great bit of kit (and I loved mine) but if it’s not working for you then perhaps someone else is thinking’My n-Sats could do with a bit more bass’ and would appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yup. My thoughts exactly. :slightly_smiling_face:

My misses has just said “can i have a bit of power?” (Since n-SUB turned off) :flushed:

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Looks psychedelic :slight_smile:

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Oh dear - that’s scuppered your plans then Stephen :joy: :wink:

Kudos Titans … :wink:

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I could very easily be tempted by a well-cared for n-Sub to replace my 20-year old B&W ASW675 if you were to put it on the Bay!


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