N -Sats speaker questions

Hi…Need some advice regarding these speakers.

There is a set on eBay but the grills don’t look in good condition…So, can the grills be removed? If yes, do they sound better or worse without the grills? If the grills are integral to the speakers, are replacement grills available from Naim or elsewhere?

Advice would be appreciated.

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Yes, the n-Sat grilles can be removed. The grilles themselves are not absolutely necessary for great performance; some Naim speakers I reckon sound a bit odd without the grilles, but the n-Sats seem to work fine without. And in the case of the metal grilles on the Black & Silver lacquer examples, I think they look much better without grilles anyway.

I have no idea whether replacement grilles are something still available from Naim after so long discontinued. Something probably best asked of a Naim dealer.

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Good morning Richard, thank you for your reply.

I will contact my local dealer but these have been out of production for some time and I won’t hold my breath on the possibility of spare grills being available.

The set on eBay are a light wood finish.

Do the stand bases take standard carpet spikes?

The spikes supplied with the n-stands will pierce a carpet.

Worth making sure that the grub screw adjuster is present for both stands. This way the speakers will have Naim’s three point support for each speaker.

It’s all in the manual, in case you are wondering what I am on about :slight_smile:

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I will look up the manual but seller does not have the spikes.

Naim will be able to tell you exactly what size they are.

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I’m sure you could replace the grille material easily enough, wouldn’t stop me bidding for sure. Lots of places sell grille material.

Unless someone says it is special acoustically significant material made to a no longer available spec I would just plan to replace it DIY and allow budget accordingly. I bet you could just cover over the top without making too much difference.

Good luck with it :slight_smile:

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nSat spikes are quite thin, much thinner than standard speaker spikes. When I had nSats I used longer nSub spikes to get through the carpet. The speakers are light and you’ll need the cut slits in the carpet with a Stanley knife in order to plant them firmly on the floor. That actually damages the carpet less than simply shoving the spikes through.

Hi HH …Hope you are still enjoying the NAT02?

Are the spikes…long or short still available from Naim?

Ah, I wasn’t sure if you were the same Nye!! The 02 is wonderful and doing great service. I’ve no idea if the spikes are still available. A Naim dealer is the one to ask. Nobody on here will know.

One and the same :smile_cat: Glad you are happy with it.

If Naim don’t…can ‘alternative’ 3rd party spikes be used?

I imagine they are a standard screw thread. Perhaps @Stephen_Tate can assist.

I think they’re a standard thread (IIRC either 6 or 8mm?)

That would make life easier.

Unfortunately we no longer have the spikes for the n-stands.
They are M6 x 34.3mm with a hex head. From memory, the base plate is threaded, the hex end allows adjustment from above & then an M6 lock nut under the base plate.
So any adequate length M6 spike with a lock nut should be suitable.



Thank you for your reply…at least I know…is the same true for the grills?

Yes, afraid so.
That goes for the cloth ones & the metal ones (as supplied with the black/silver sats).


Hi, I’d say that n-SATs sound more open and free with their grilles off. I personally leave mine on as I just want to really look after them in every possible way. Sensational speakers.

The only other thing i can add here is that the locking nuts on n-STAND spikes are 10mm. I took in Richard’s great advice on setup with n-SATs when i purchased mine. I have mine firing straight ahead (with no tow in), about 1.55 metres from tweeter to tweeter, 9.0cm from a solid rear wall, dead level both axis, with no rocking. N-STAND bases’ coupled to a solid concrete floor as close as possible without touching the carpet pile to damp things in any way. Oh and did i mention NAC A5 with SA8 plugs soldered at both ends…n-SUB.