N-Serve And Playlists


I have an HDX-SSD running on what I believe to be the most up to date version of N-serve. (App version 2.12-11514 and Server Version 1.7b and desktop app version 1.4)

How do I delete playlists? That’s all I want to do. Nothing more than that. Just delete a playlist.

Any help is greatly appreciated



It’s been a while since I’ve owned my HDX, from the front panel display there should be an option "Playlists’ when you press this one, you can manage the playlists and below right there should be a button ‘delete’ to delete a selected playlist …

If you have N-Serve on an iOS device, you should find it easy to delete playlists there.
The latest firmware is 1.7c. Give Naim support a call and they shoyld be able to get you a copy.


I got the update, but it appears to have nothing to do with ability to delete playlists. I have N-serve on IOS device and cannot seem to figure out how to delete a playlist. Any Naim admins that can shed light on this?



I think you go into the playlist on the N-serve app, hit the ‘More’ button at the bottom which gives the option to delete the entire playlist. That is how it works for my Unitiserve. It might be the same for the HDX?

Hi Graham:

These are imported playlists. I have a bunch of hi-res and cd rips that I put on an external USB solid state hard drive. I think the files had those mdu tags on them which created what the N-serve app refers to as an imported playlist. I have since corrected the tags on the albums, so the imported playlist still shows up on the far left of the N-serve app. When I select any of them, it shows “no tracks” and does not show me a way to simply delete the playlist. Completely stumped. I’ve even done a restart without any of the hard drives attached and the imported playlists still show up. Hoping one of the admins can help me through this. I do love the sound the HDX makes, but it is not what I would call “user friendly”



Hi Jeff
I wasn’t thinking that the firmware update would solve this issue, but it’s worth doing anyway.
As these are playlists created elsewhere, I think the issue is that N-Serve is not able to delete or change them. In general, Naim’s approach seems to be that anything created on one of their servers can be edited or deleted on their server. Anything created elsewhere needs to be edited elsewhere. This is certainly the case with albums and metadata, which N-Serve can only manage if it’s from a CD ripped on that device. Anything else has to be added, edited or deleted by other means. I’ve never tried to use playlists imported from elsewhere on a Naim server, but I strongly suspect that you will need to attach the USB drive to a computer and delete the playlist there. Then try connecting it to the HDX again and see what happens.

I am new to this forum and relatively new to Naim streaming products. For the last 15 years or so I have been using Sonos and have a well established music server (Synology), also use Tidal and Spotify.

On Sonos I was able to create playlists across the 3 platforms and play anywhere - 5 zones in my house. Unless I am missing something fundamental this just doesn’t seem possible on the Naim - it almost seems as if it doesn’t have the concept of playlists in itself. I can create a playlist in Tidal or Spotify or of my own material but not mix and match.

My second problem is that I now have 2 different platforms in my house, Sonos and Naim - my Naim covers the 2 zones where I do most of my serious listening. Is there any way of sharing between these platforms or can I somehow convert the playlists on the Sonos that I have created over the years and transfer the to Naim.

I have had a look at bits and pieces on this site relating to playlists and it is much too technical for me - is there any simple answer to my problems - I must confess to being a little frustrated. It seems as if I have got a step up in quality but a big step back in terms of usability.


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