N-serve on Synology server

I like to control my NDX/SN2 threw my iMac.

Now i only can controle my set with the Naim app. Works fine.

But when i’m behind the iMac i would control my music/volume without using my iPhone.

Wil it be possible?

Will the coming an app for desktop (on the iMac for example??)

For now i was installing the N-serve app on my iMac en connecting to the music on my home server (synology) Will that be possible?

I’m giving the location in the N-serve app but it’s gone look on Google.

So can i use the N-serve app on my iMac and control my server + NDX/SN2 for playing music and radio?

N-Serve was only for the old Naim servers, Unitiserve and HDX. You can’t use it with non-Naim servers.

Bad :frowning:

Will there come a naim app for desktop? (like controlling Spotify for example)

Hi Rob, never heard of any plans in that direction. I doubt we will see something like this - your request is understandable however.

I’d like to be able to do this too.
Sadly, not currently possible :frowning:

If you really want to do this, something like an Android emulator might work. Or go all the way, and use Roon.

It would be nice if Naim simply made a DTC available :slight_smile:

Or if Apple made IOS and OS compatible with each other…

I wouldn’t hold your breath!

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