n-Serve with USB Files

Should I be able to use the n-Serve app to navigate files stored on the ND5 XS’s front-panel USB socket?



No, you need the Naim app where they appear in the USB input.

Thanks, Chris, but no luck with the Naim app, either… the ND5 XS doesn’t appear on the Home page as an option, only the ND5 XS2…

With the old streamers, including the ND5 XS, you don’t have to set it up in the Naim app so assuming you already have it connected to either Ethernet or WiFi, you just go to “Find my rooms” or similar on the start page of the app and your ND5 XS should be there. Tap on it and you are away.

The new streamers (including ND5XS2) and all the MuSo models have to be set up before you can use them.

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Thanks David, but when I go to ‘Rooms’ I just get ‘No streamers found’.

Make sure your streamer and control device are both connected to the same network. Initially you might find it easier to rule out WiFi issues by hard wiring your streamer to the router.

Definitely both on the same network…

You’ll need to go through the palaver of switching everything off, including router, deleting the Naim app from your phone, switching everything back on and praying to the gods of WiFi.

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Actually, I’ve just downloaded mConnect Lite, which does the same job and is currently working, but I really want to get n-Stream running…

You seem to have two threads going here. Nserve is the wrong app and Nstream was discontinued years ago. You need the normal Naim app.

How is your ND5 XS connected to the internet?

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You seem to be getting your apps mixed up!
N-Serve runs the old generation Naim servers.
N-Stream is what the Naim app used to be called ages ago before it evolved into the Naim app.

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Thanks, David, Chris… Streamer is connected wirelessly, but when I launch the Naim App, there’s no option for the ND5 XS, only the XS2… so, have Naim pulled support for their older streamers? Or do I have to add the ND5 XS manually by IP address?

ATM, I’m using an app called mConnect on my iPhone, and that can see the MinimServer running on the Mac Mini and is playing to the ND5 XS, but I’d like to get the Naim app running, if possible…

You don’t need an option and you don’t need to add it manually. If your network is working properly it will just be there in your rooms.

The setup screen is there for the new streamers because they have to be setup that way. There is no other way for them. It’s nothing to do with the Naim app used as a control point for streamers, which works the same way for all Naim streamers.

Believe me I do know what I am talking about. I have two legacy streamers in use right now and neither of them are in the setup page in the app.

I suspect the problem is that you are using WiFi to talk to the ND5 XS. WiFi on these old streamers is not good at all. To get things going I suggest you use an Ethernet cable. You can just run it across the floor to check if it makes a difference.

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Thanks, David – The Naim app was presenting me with a list of products when I first opened it up, and the ND5 XS wasn’t on there, which was causing my confusion, however, pressing the ‘x’ at top right and… bang! There it was under ‘Rooms’…! God, I feel so stupid…

I’m connected to wi-fi, and it all seems to be very stable: I’d like to try hard-wiring the ND5 to my router, of course, but that will require moving the router and drilling some holes… One drawback , as I understand it, though, is that when Ethernet is plugged in, wireless switches off, so I can’t use iRadio… is that correct?

Only one problem, now… there doesn’t seem to be a way of controlling volume from within the app, and the volume controls on the remote don’t work, either…

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Using wired Ethernet instead of WiFi is almost certainly a better option with 1st gen streamers. You will not lose any functionality, iRadio and all other digital feeds will be routed through the Ethernet cable instead of wireless.

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Regarding volume control, what amp are you using? If it’s a Naim amp you may need to set up system automation in order to control its volume via the streamer.

Chris – Actually, I’m using a NAC 32.5, but I was able to control the volume before via the Audirvana remote app…

In that case I assume Audirvana has its own digital volume control as the ND5XS doesn’t have a volume control, and even if it had you would need to use a Naim supported app to access it.

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