n-SUB kaput

About 3 days ago wilst I was watching a movie my n-SUB went into a crazy wierd very loud hum. Along with a strong burning smell, but no smoke that I could see.

I pushed the front off button and the sound stopped, but the green naim logo was still on which was wierd as its supposed to go out.

It’s a 2008 build and used pretty hard for movie/music for the first 9 years then not so much for the last 12m for music - just movies. But it’s been pumping strong .1 LFE for movies very , very hard over it’s working life. I suspect perhaps the AMP capacitors may have gone, I am sure it’s electrical as the logo not turning off is a suspect give away. If it was a speaker cone, I think all I would have got was loud distortion & thumping etc.

I love it, but I fear I might have to give a repair a miss if it is the whole internal AMP/power supply that is gone and buy a new SUB from another brand.

I’ll email my local naim importer with this post and see if neaim even still support n-SUB spare parts anymore, as that will decide where I go from here.

Anyone with a similar n-SUB issue ?



Pete, the inside amp module is basically just a regular Naim amp and logic boards aside, should be serviceable. If it needs to go to the factory then the module can be removed from the cabinet by your dealer or distributor.

On mine the light also stays on for a good number of seconds after switching off - I think that is normal.

My n-Sub logo took 90 seconds before it faded out. So i’m not sure this is a true indicator of the unit in fail ‘mode’.
I had noticed on occasion the n-Sub humming loudly when the grounding was not quite right.

When I say the green naim logo was still on I mean 3-4 minutes worth. I know it does go off when normal - so this was very much not normal.

I have the sub linked via my AV reciever LFE out, by my 252/SC2 via a special long naim cable, I was fluffing around a month ago with my TV / HDMI cable and when I pulled my HDMI cable from my TV it triggered a very loud and very unpleasent distortion/hum like, a huge earth loop , right through my speakers/sub. Very similar to the last one that broke my sub.

I suspect the 2 are linked and it all just eventualy went wrong whilst I was movie watching.

I’ll see with what naim HQ and/or my naim distributor says I guess.

Definitely worth repairing. I’m sure I was told that the amp inside the n-Sub is essentially a NAP250 - definitely worth repairing!

Sorry to hear about your n-Sub seadog. Well worth getting it repaired unless you prepared to wait an age for a used one to turn up.

Good luck with it getting it sorted.

Got an email back from my naim distributor and to take in into my local dealer.

I’ll report back with the damage & estimated repair. I did pop the fuse holder and nope, fuse still clear and all good. So it wasn’t that.

That was a challenge, access space for hobbit size hands only, as it is sunk in 3-4 inches from the bottom sub panel. Had to use a fine flat screwdriver to pop the fuse holder cover and a small drop nose pliers to pop it back in the slot and close.

I do hope it is repairable as I simply love the way I can adjust it via the remote, have it set up for both hi fi and AV, it’s small size, fast and punchy bass. I thought it was the best VFM product they had at the time for the money spent for what you got.


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