n-Sub remote not working

Mine appears to have stopped working. Does anybody know if it can be reset or if (long shot I know) if spares are still available?

Cheers, Rack.

May I take it you’ve changed the battery?

Tried 3 new sets. Still no joy. It would sometimes need a couple of presses to wake up but would fine after that. I’ll remove the batteries overnight and see if that makes any difference.

Hi @Richard.Dane Do you know if Naim still carry new/refurbished/Anything that still works n-Sub remotes. Failing that, can they be repaired?

Cheers, Rack.

No idea I’m afraid Rack. Probably a question best asked of Naim.

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Have you inadvertently locked it? That’s a bit of a long shot, but it stops some of the remote and front panel buttons from working.

Also, could you have blocked the IR sensor by putting something in front of the sub? I’m assuming that it’s in the green Naim logo, which is quite close to the floor.

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Hi Chris. I had to reset the AV remote via these instructions: https://forums.naimaudio.com/topic.php?oid=1566878606539265&coid=159503632588889

as the power button was powering the Virgin tv box on and off instead. It’s the second time I’ve had to do this now.

The page above does warn that other units could be affected if left on when doing the remote control reset so if this is the case I’ve no idea how to perform a reset of the n-Sub remote. I’ve tried turning the n-Sub on & off too but still no success.

Nothing is in front of Sub IR receiver, so no changes there either.

As the remote isn’t working, I’d take it apart for a good clean.
I’ve successfully repaired a few Sky & TV remotes in the past.
They tend to get gummed up with sweat, spilt tea/coffee/beer/wine over the years.
Behind the physical buttons is usually a rubber membrane which the buttons press onto, which in turn makes contact with the PCB (printed circuit board).
Clean everything carefully - it may be obviously gunged up and, then reassemble.
As I say, if it’s broken, you’re unlikely to break it further!

It’s only used now and again to change inputs between tv, Blu-ray and HiFi so it’s in very good and clean condition. But there are some functions on the remote you can’t carry out on the sub controls.

It looks like a sealed unit and one that would break if someone ham fisted (like me) attempted to pull it apart.

I’m leaning towards it needing a reset though. Well hopefully! :pray:t5:

If ham fisted, leave it well alone!! Good luck.

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@Richard.Dane thanks for reopening this thread.

Just wanted to update to say I was able to get the n-Sub remote fixed. Yay! It was repaired by my local camera repairers who wasn’t convinced he could do anything with it as it’s just a printed circuit board (which he showed me).

He was about to hand it back to me when he decided to take another look and noticed the connection from the board to the IR light looked a bit suspect. A bit of soldering on the connection and I’ve got my remote control working again!

Such a relief knowing that they’re no longer available but they can be repaired fairly easily by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Cheers, Rack.



Good news, Rack!

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Great news👍

Never knew the n-SUB is remote controlled - sounds very appealing to me.

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You know you want one :wink:


It’s great Stephen, very configurable as well. If you can find one with a serviced amp board then go for it. It’s a superb sub, fast and tight and just works so well to bring out the best from the n-Sats.

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When I called Naim about this a while back I spoke to Phil Harris who said there was no need to bother with a recap like you would with a Naim power amp.


That’s surprising for a Naim amp board, but good news. One less thing to worry about :+1:

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That’s what I thought. Not the answer I was expecting, but mine still seems to work well and it’s a heavy beast to ship all the way to Salisbury.

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