NA324 question

I have a 32.5 with NA324 tape buffers but I use tape socket 1 to connect a Headline Headphone amplifier (output) and if I can find an appropriate interconnect I intend (for my partner) to use tape socket 2 to connect ‘her’ iPod…so no tape machines will be used…ever! So, is it worth keeping the NA324 in place or not…When I used a 62 that obviously has no NA324 tape buffer boards in situ…the sound from the Headline was very good…Please advise.

The NAC32.5 was never meant to operate with the NA324 buffer boards removed, and removal is necessary only for servicing (you’ll need them for the headline connection anyway), so leave them be.

Thank you Richard for your reply…the 324 boards are 324/3 is there any virtue getting 324/7 boards or would that be pointless and a waste of money?

When was the NAC32.5 last serviced? If not recently then there may be some advantage with the later boards, but otherwise impossible to say a seven later boards will be quite old now.

It has been serviced by Naim twice…once in about 1998 when it was converted from a 32 to a 32.5 and again about 10 years ago.

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