NA522 boards, a new TT, and old NA322/2 boards

I have a 52 that used to have a TT attached some 30 years ago. I have a pair of boards (NA522/2 T) sitting in a box. Could anyone tell me what they are, and what would be sitting in the 52?
I also have a pair of boards from what I presume was a 32 (NA322/2) that the 52 replaced. Is there any value to them - apart from sentimental?

The NA522 boards are MM for the full width Olive pre-amps.

The NA322 boards are MM for half width pre-amps. The NA322/2 are second revision. IIRC, here were 4 revisions in all for the NA322s (and 5 revisions for the NA323s).

Thanks Richard. I might assume that I have MC boards in the 52. Guess I’ll have to open it and see …

Either that or NA526 link boards?

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