Naa and HQPlayer

Hi, is there any plans to add NAA function to hqplayer for uniti Atom?

Maybe never for a Naim product. :frowning:
I already made a suggestion in the wish list thread, and no comments yet.

Very very good🤐

Maybe only a few of Naim users understand what HQPlayer/NAA is? They would rather spend $5K on a Chord Hugo M Scaler than a few hundred bucks for the same solution with the same (more or less) SQ result.

My Ifi Zen stream has Naa/Hqplayer endpoint built in I think.Have not tried it yet,but I was thinking about getting a Mac M1 mini to use for Hqplayer. Wondering if the M1 mini would work for that,and also
Roon Core on the M1?.
Roon nucleus is $2,200 here in Canada,but M1 can be had for about $700

M1 should be good for both Roon Core and HQPlayer if you do not do DSD512 up-sampling.
I only do that for PCM and they are both very light on CPU.

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Thanks yellow - banana, seems to be a lot cheaper route than Nucleus and Mscaler.
I used to own an Mscaler/TT2,but downsized temporarily. A past member here (Toonartist)recommend Hqplayer to me, I think he used the M1 for it.
I am not sure if I will end up with another Chord Dac,but Hqplayer seems to work with any Dac,from what I have read.

It works with my(rather expensive :wink: ) Linn DSM/3. I am exploring the HQPlayer → USB streaming path to this Linn streamer as kind of experiments to see if it sounds better or worse than the optical ethernet input.

Good to know,my current Dac Musical Fidelity MX Dac is considered a DSD Dac.
It only handles up to 192 kHz,but I will be upgrading it at some point. Worse case,if I don’t like Hqplayer, I will just use the M1 for Roon Core I guess.

I find that USB PCM out from the MM is not that good, maybe I will try some streamer like the iFi Zen Stream.

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