NAC 102 and flat cap?

Am running a 102/180. Also have CD 3.5 and flat cap.
My 102 is at Naim Germany having a service.
I’m planning on getting an Olive NAPSC for the 102 when one comes up at a good price.
Am wondering whether to disconnect the Flatcap from my 3.5 and connect to my 102 instead (know it should be a Hicap or two ideally - but can’t afford that right now ).
Anyone have a view on how much difference the Flatcap would make to the 102?
Am mostly streaming TIDAL HIFI through a Bluesound Node 2i - barely using the 3.5 anyway.

I’d use the Flatcap on the 102. The FC is a good piece of kit and works much better then many expect.
I’m assuming this FC is an older version (Olive) as the later ones could power two pieces of equipment.

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@Guinnless yes. It’s Olive. Thanks for your perspective. When the 102 comes back I will try.

I would leave the Flatcap on the CD player. If you remove it the CD3.5 will sound worse. The Flatcap is no better than the supply in the 180.


I agree with HH, leave it on the CD3.5.

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I’d forgotten that the pre-amp supply from the 180 is particularly good :+1:

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Thanks guys. That keeps it simple.
Worth looking for an Olive NAPSC for the 102 next, or just save up for a Hicap?

Both but if funds are stretched then NAPSC first.


Ideally you want both but get the napsc first. They do different things.


Mike, I see you are in Germany. If it happens to be Berlin where you live, you are welcome to listen to my very similar system. I’m running a 102/180 with HiCap and NAPSC into Allaes. As my 102 came with a NAPSC, I’ve never used it without. Maybe I will disconnect it and see what a difference it makes. I also used to have a CD3.5/flatcap but replaced it with a CDX, for no real reason other than to have matching boxes, so can’t do a flatcap vs. HiCap comparison. I rarely play CDs anymore, as I am more than happy with a RPi streamer.

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@seanf thanks so much - that’s a fantastic suggestion!
I’m in Friedrichshain but happy to travel wherever you are based.
Such a strange coincidence for as to have such similar systems and both be in Berlin :slight_smile:
Does one evening this week work for you?

Small world - I was in Friedrichshain last night, drinking craft beer with some old friends that were over for the weekend. I’m in Charlottenburg, near the ICC. Sometime this week would be fine.


Sean, please don’t post personal contact detail on a publicly viewable forum. If you wish to get in touch with another member, just let me know (you can message me by flagging this post) and I can then ask them if it’s OK to pass on your contact. It’s important that GDPR is adhered to.

Sorry, I wasn’t really sure about it. I will contact you directly.



Thanks @seanf will email you :slight_smile:

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