NAC 102: Identifying input boards

I have a NAC102. I upgraded to the 102 from a NAC32 over 20 years ago and I can’t remember if the 328/2 that were in the NAC32 boards were transferred from the 32 to the 102. I sold my turntable about the same time and have never used the phono connections on the 102 and hence my confusion. There are BNC connectors on the 102. I do not want to mislead a buyer on if boards are present. I have never removed the casing on the 102. Is this simple? Are the 328/2 boards for MC?
Forgive my ignorance but I am in my 70’s and my memory is failing me.

The NAC102 didn’t come with phono boards fitted as standard. The boards that fit are the NA52x boards (NA32x boards are for Naim Shoebox pre-amps). To check whether any boards have been fitted you can carefully remove the sleeve - just unscrew the feet then very carefully slide out the inner tray. Be careful though not to catch the fascia as you do so - the olive fascias can get very brittle with age and can chip or crack easily. Best to wear an ESD strap when you do so, as the display board has chips onboard.

Thank you. I will assume the 102h as no boards installed and not risk opening case.

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