NAC 102: knobs travel further than they should?


I’ve just take delivery of a second hand NAC 102. I’m a bit worried about the knobs. The volume knob is especially bad but they both suffer from it.

They appear to reach their end of travel but then with just a little bit more force will continue on.

Apart from being worrying it means I can’t be sure balance is set to the centre and have no idea where the starting point for the volume knob is (i.e. what position the knob should be on for volume = zero).

Any help appreciated.

Sounds like the grub screw has become loose. Pry off the rubber edge of the knob to reveal the grub screw, re centre knob and then tighten screw. Hope this helps

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This thread will help (with pictures, and how to fix).

Is it going all the way up to 11?


You need a 552 for that :wink:

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All my Naim amps have gone to 11… :crazy_face:

(except my 102… which only ever went to 8…)

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Thanks all, and especially Mr Happy. You got it. Had to take the inwards out to get a screwdriver to the grub screws but all good.

Left me with one burning question:

What is that hole in the bottom of the chassis for?

It looks like the hole you’d find on a power amp cover - there’s usually a serrated washer and a bolt to thermally and electrically secure the cover to the inner tray. What’s the history of this NAC102? Did it ever have a replacement cover?

Not that I know as I bought it second hand.
I have to ring Naim support up about a power amp so I’ll ask about its history then.

Thanks Richard.

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