Nac 102

Why do some nac 102 have aux button and others have a phono button

I don’t have one now but I don’t think my old one had a phono button. I’m sure others will come to your rescue.

It was likely due to whether a particular NAC102 was supplied with Phono boards fitted or not.

When I owned a Nait 3 you had the option to replace the sticker on the aux button to phono when the internal phono boards were installed.

The labels on the input selection buttons on the 102, 82 & 52 can all be changed (I’ve done both my 102 & my 82)…if you have managed to acquire the sheet of labels, which, IIRC, originally came with a 52.

However they do appear on fleabay occasionally for around £30-40 (which is where I acquired mine).

They are “low stickiness” and can be changed several times.

Yes, the labels could be changed over fairly easily - best done with the tip of a modelling knife to lift a corner first. My old NAC52 came with a sheet of labels and they do turn up for sale now and then, so I guess anything’s possible at to the labelling.

Needle nosed tweezers, long and pointy. :smiley:

The only label that is missing is ‘dac’, presumably coz they didn’t have such new-fangled technology in ye Olden Days.

DACs were very much ‘the fashion’ at the time, but it wasn’t JV era Naim’s way of doing things - IIRC, the official line was something along the lines of ‘separating transport and DAC created more problems than it solved’.

Indeed, even I have a couple of DACs from that era…

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