Nac 112

I’ve bought myself a nac 152xs ,would it be worth keeping the 112 as a spare or sell it next question would be what is it worth,I’ve no history of it being serviced

If you were to find a buyer for probably Naims worst product (the 112) about £150.

I would keep it as a spare or trade with a dealer against your next Naim purchase.

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It’s probably Naim’s least desirable pre-amp (it’s a good pre-amp, its problem is that Naim make better ones) so somewhere around £100 would be my estimate.

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Think I will keep it as a spare

I would add that the 152xs is a fine pre amp but I guess you know this already :grinning:


Loved my 112 — sold me on Naim. Traded it up. No regrets.

I think a nice 112 does better than $100 in Seattle.


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Bravo! though naturally I would say that :slight_smile:

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Presumably it’s still better than the pre amp section of a Nait 5, by virtue of its separation from the power amp, just not popular with the box counters.

Arghhhhh! I don’t want that phrase in my head. :joy:

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Hope it’s as good as you say lol

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