NAC-122X vs NAC-152 XS what do you choose if paired with NAP-155 XS?


I got an offer from a friend for 1 set of NAC-122X with NAP-155 XS power amplifier, what do you think if this NAC-122X compares with NAC-152 XS?
If you look at this pair of NAC-122X + NAP-155 XS, how much is a decent price for this pair with still very good condition, equipped with remote control, SNAIC cable but without box?
Both have been tested and work well

Thank you

Deja vu.
Look here at the replies. You want the 152.

this is new offer Sir
not the previous one

If you don’t have the 152 pre available then just get the 122.
IME not much between them, its midlevel Naim on pair with XS and so on.
Good amps, Snaic cable usually comes with poweramps and power supplies, not preamp, maybe its an interconnect ?
I would recommend picking it up if no box available.

Some would argue that the former 122x was better than the 152 not to mention the 112.
I had 122x/FC2x/150x for a few short years and loved the combo.

Then again in my opinion to my ears Nait XS3 is the far better option out there. Just one box.

And much more expensive new

Indeed, even preloved or exdemo, even as more are coming to market. Still, amazing for one box.

anyone here experience in pairing 122X with 155XS ?
some friend told that 122X is more superior in sound quality if paired with 155XS, do you have informatin what;s the improvement to 152XS from 122X ?

thank you

Note that Naim gear has to be serviced every 10-15 years. If that hasn’t been done yet comparisons become less clear and obvious.

The 122x/150x combo is from 2006-2009 so well in that range (152XS/155XS produced from 2009-2017 so early examples almost there).

Hence my remark about the Nait XS3, because with having to service two (pre/power) or three (FlatCap) boxes at today’s rates, the price difference from a preloved new amp may be quite small.

If you can find a serviced 122x/150x combo or a newer 152/155 combo at a good price I’d say go for it. The latter will be better but also tends to be a fair bit pricier.

I believe the preamp electronics are pretty much the same, many Naim preamplifiers use very similar basics configured to various PSU.

The 152XS were upgraded to run the upgrades adding a Flatcap XS (if memory serve)

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thank you for infos and replying, I just curious, what is major development or majur upgrade from NAC-122X to NAC-152XS ?

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The NAC152XS is conceptually more similar to the NAC202 than the NAC122X is.

This is because a Flatcap XS on the NAC152XS’s Upgrade 1 socket is said to fulfil the same function as a NAPSC on a NAC202 or a NAC282.

The NAC122X does not offer this facility.


Hi @primemerkava I have upgraded from a 122 to 152 in the past and thought it was a very valid upgrade. The 152 brought more detail in the sound and better imaging and separation of instruments. IN general a wonderful combo (152/155) often underestimated.


Thanks for the info, I’ll consider that. if you may know, how much is the price for 1 set of NAC 152XS and NAP 155XS when you buy it?

NAP 152XS + NAP 155XS is wonderful entry level package I think

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thanks so much for giving me more information and comparison

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@primemerkava you mean second hand? I think the pair goes for €1500 or maybe even a little less. The value is great

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in Indonesia, Naim is pricier than other country , I don’t know why, but I see it often happen

Worth looking around.
Even UK must be cheapest source for s/h, sometime Europe people shift or upgrade.
USA and Japan users with other voltage might have more difficulties.

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we in Indonesia use a voltage of 220-240 VAC, the products that pass here on average use that voltage, there are 1-2 products where people carry it, so the voltage is 110VAC, but this voltage makes the price cheap here, preferably 220-240 VAC