Nac 152 xs/nap 155 xs Vs xs/xs2

Hey all, appreciate your insights which would be a better option.

I recently got a set of Totem Arros and the Unitiqute struggles with them.

So I was actually thinking about adding a nap-100 to the setup.

Then I thought maybe a xs or xs2 might be a better option. I have an arcam irdac which I could use with the xs/xs2. BTW is the xs2 a significant upgrade over the xs?

Then I see the nac 152 and nap 155.

So considering the separates Vs integrated argument, which would be a better option. Has anybody listened to them side by side?

I also see there is the superuniti - though that might require a higher budget. But would that sonically be better than the xs?

I am only looking at pre-owned and not new gear.

Appreciate the insights.


Remembering the Arros I heard when I demmed them back in the day, I think you are heading in the right direction with the idea of more power.

I have owned the Nait XS twice in my Naim life. It’s a fine integrated. I had the chance to move to a NAC152XS and NAP155XS and I took it. No regrets. Despite the current hype around their latest integrateds, Naim make pre and power amps for a reason.

For me the benefits of the NAC152XS/ NAP155XS included a deeper, tighter, more effortless feel, basically a greater sense of realism. No down sides.

Please let us know how it goes, and enjoy your music.


Thanks for the welcome and insights Chris.

So am I right in assuming the 152/155 xs are the pre/power amp separates version of the xs/xs2?

Appreciate the clarification.

Yes, that’s absolutely right.

Both the NAC152XS and the NAP155XS are discontinued. But you can still read about them and how Naim marketed them by googling, for instance, ‘naim audio nac152xs’ where the appropriate product page on the Naim site comes up.

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