NAC 152 XS/NAP 155XS upgrade

Or put the other way, the NAP155XS will seldom have been heard with such a finely controlled signal.


In your position I would keep the 155XS add a used 282 with the 155 providing the 24v rail to the 282 also purchase an XPS2 none DR for the nDac, all in about 3k on the used market.

Future add HCDR followed with a 250DR.

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I went with an 82 HiCap and 250 combination and it sounded majestic compared to a Nait 5Si which I had before. If on a budget I would highly recommend this combination which is much of a muchness to a modern day 282, HiCap DR and 250DR. I now have 82, Supercap 2 and 2 x 135s and would recommend the older CB and Olive gear. But, it will need to be serviced. Or you can get someone like Darran at Class A who is authorised Naim service agent to service the older boxes.

The 82 HiCap 250 will be a big improvement on what you have and maybe all you ever need or want.


I will echo some of the previous suggestions and say focus on the preamp.

I use a 282/155, upgraded from a 152/155. Sounds great to my ears, though no doubt will be improved with a hicap which is next on my list.

The preamp controls the power amp, and the 155 is a decent power amp.

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Good luck with the demo!

272/PSU/250DR should sound knockout with the Sonettos.


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I would go for a HCDR first and see where it takes you, the end result may surprise you.


I found the 272/250dr a big step up from the 152/155 with FC xs.

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Which one will sound better :grin:??

152xs/155xs - klimax lp12
252/supercap/250DR - majik lp12

Have you tried them both? I try to keep my system in balance and both the above systems are a bit one sided. Number 1 source first and number 2 amplification first.

I have heard the Linn Klimax through a 252 Supercap DR and 500DR. And it’s very very good.

I have mid spec LP12 but I think the new Majik is very good too.

I think that system 1 may well sound better but a better preamp would improve things, as well as better power amp !

Why do you ask?

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I was trying to highlight the source first scenario. Yeah , balance is key for sure! , I was just trying to say that the pre amp can only do so much with the signal . My next upgrade wouldn’t be the pre amp as I know that a radikal would give me more. One of my biggest upgrades I have done was the resister on the superline (z plug deep cryo ). The hicapDR on the 152XS was also quite a big leap.

You might get better value by swapping your 152XS for a 282 or 82. You have a Lingo 4 which is a very good power supply already. I think your source is good enough for better anplification. Especially in your case a preamp upgrade. I take it you have auditioned various options? How did you get on?

I went from a 152xs/155xs to a 202/155 the 202 was a noticable upgrade but I would say it was a must do.

I then added an 82/Olive HCDR which was a slightly bigger upgrade overall.

Then I added an Olive 250.

The 250 was the biggest step change but I suspect would not have made as big an impact without the prior preamp improvements.

No advice really other than be honest with yourself about where you want/can end up at and make buying decisions that lead to that with the least amount of redundant steps. I could probably have skipped the 202 altogether and saved a few bob….


Yeah, I have listened to the 282, source was good too , (NDX2, XPSDR) , quite tasty combo. I do know the pre amp will be beneficial but I would like to push the source as much as a can before doing it. The radikal is a big upgrade to the
Lingo 4, i do think the lingo 4 is excellent though, but the radikal boosts the presence. The 152xs has been managing to highlight the performance upgrades very well. I am running the two power supply upgrades for it which helps doing that . So I would probably go , radikal , supercap on the superline then finish off with the 282. Which by then will have the power supplies ready to go.


The 252 and 552 are worth a listen if you can. They will work with a 250 or 300 well.

One step at a time as you say. You’ll be going Keel and Ekos SE then cart upgrades too I suspect!

I was advised by my dealer that next upgrade with my LP12 would be Radikal to get more benefit. Karousel came out shortly after I got Kore and Cirkus so myabe Karousel and Radikal for me if I make any upgrades at all.

For now I am happy as it is!

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@GlenJ don’t underestimate pairing the 155 with a 282. If the speakers aren’t too demanding it is surprisingly good. @Richard.Dane will confirm.


While I haven’t listened to the NAC282 and NAP155XS pairing, I can quite understand the appeal. I have long championed the pre-amp over the power amp in the amplification hierarchy - In the original forum Julian once explained that pre-amps are surprisingly difficult and costly to do well. When asked by distributors about this I found it easiest just to do a quick demonstration; A CDS3 fronting two pre/powers of similar overall cost with SL2s or Allaes as the speakers; the first a NAC122x+Flatcap and NAP500, the second a NAC552+552PS and a NAP150x. The result was a clear preference for the second system.

I myself have often substituted one of my NAP110s in the main system, paired with a NAC552. It’s a lovely combination, really allowing the NAP110 to give you its all - a real rhythm machine!



Thank you for the suggestion. I’m definitely considering it, but I still have to audition the 250DR on my speakers first, and then decide if I go for 282/155 or 282/250DR/HCDR. The dealer postponed the audition of the 272/250DR to next week (no 282 available for demo).

I believe you are on the right track, your current amplification is revealing enough to show the benefits of better sources, which IME will yield more musicality, don’t fall for the “balance” myth. I think your weakest link right now is the node 2i, try a Zen Stream and it’ll boost SQ to a whole new level.

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I think it’s @GlenJ with the node , I have a different system, but I agree with the source first rule of thumb .