NAC 202 connected to nap 200 not powering on

Hi guys just bought a 202/200 combo to test out and the 202 wont power on. Even tried with a SN2 with the 4 pin to amp and no go. Any idea would be helpful

Link plugs in ? See page E12

Preamp manual

Yes it’s in. I did take it out and plugged in the NAPSC. All light up and CD lights up and mute flashes.

Are both in - there is a paddle (which is removed for the NAPSC) and a round blanking plug one ?

As James says above, are both link plugs in (or just one of them when you have the NAPSC connected and powered up).

Odd though that the Supernait 2 and NAP200 didn’t work. Did you connect via the Bia-amp out socket on the SN2? If it’s still not working that might indicate either a faulty SNAIC4 or a faulty amp.

Yes I ordered a SNAIC4 . I was thinking that that was the one thing in common.
Thanks for the advice.

Yes, when I plugged in the napsc I did unplug it. hmmm

So do you still have the other round link plug fitted? - you’ll need it to be fitted if not running with a Hicap.

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I started with just plugging in the nap200 to the 202 with the 4 pin din. I plugged it in to the standard plug on the 202. Amp turns on but nothing on the pre, zero light. I then took the upgrade plug out of the 202 and plugged in the NAPSC. I did leave the plug off. Thats when, I started getting lights on the 202 and mute flashing.

On the SN2 i did take that plug out as well. The two plug covers are attached. On your pic they are separated.


The NAPSC will be plugged into the socket top right. The socket under that will be the SNAIC 4 to the NAP200. The bottom left socket should have the round link plug in it as Richard shows in his picture.

Is this how you have it all connected ??

I did not have the pin in the bottom left.

That’s why it doesn’t work !

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IIRC this indicates that the link plug (Link 2 - lower left socket in your picture above) is not in place.

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As for the Supernait, if just adding a power amp, you should leave the big link in position and use the bi-amp out DIN4.

You can’t split the link apart. With the XS2 you should remove the link plug and then connect the NAP200 to the Power Amp In DIN4 socket. Note that you will still need ti provide power to the NAIT XS2. It’s all detailed and explained in the user manual which you can read here;

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You said you’d not put the link plug in the bottom left socket on the 202. Did you put that in ?


Glad it’s working (although i’m not quite clear what you’ve done).

You’ve got various ways of powering the 202. Using the 200 or adding an external power supply. The NAPSC only powers part of the pre-amp so is not a replacement for the 200 or external power supply (Flatcap, Hi-Cap, Supercap)

You’ve already done upgrade 1 where you’ve taken the paddle type link plug from the top left socket - this uncovers the 2 pin socket top right and allows you to connect the NAPSC. The paddle type link plug just joins two pins within the top left socket which connects the logic and control circuitry to the pre-amp’s internal power rail. Removing this splits this rail and power for the logic and control circuitry is then supplied by the NAPSC.

The bottom right socket is where you would connect a power amp that has a pre-amp power supply output built in - The only amplifier left in the range that has this is the 200. The 250 and above don’t provide this ability to power the pre-amp and an external power supply (Flatcap, Hi-Cap or Supercap) for the pre-amp must be used.

The 200 provides a single 24v power rail to the 202 via the SNAIC4. The 202 can use two 24v rails so the small round link plug must be fitted in the lower left socket to join these together when using a single rail supply.

When you add a Hi-Cap (or Supercap) you remove the link plug from the lower left socket. A SNAIC5 cable is used and carries 2x24v power rails from the power supply to the pre-amp. This is upgrade 2.

Using a Hi-Cap as an example, you would connect the SNAIC5 to socket 4 on the Hi-Cap and now connect the the SNAIC 4 from socket 3 on the Hi-Cap to the 200 rather than from the lower right socket on the 202.

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Thanks again! The 202 didnt come with it. You had a perfect description of that plug. I kept thinking, it was the one above for some reason. This is what I used to get it to work. I will order a proper one online. image Thanks so much!


Ah ok - all understood now. Got there in the end. Hopefully the new link plug will arrive soon and you can settle down and enjoy your new setup.



That’s what I love about the Forum, so informative. Naim really had their thinking-cap on as it relates to it’s entry level separate amp:

“The bottom right socket is where you would connect a power amp that has a pre-amp power supply output built in - The only amplifier left in the range that has this is the 200.”

I did recall that early on when I was a newbie, but couldn’t articulate it in that manner.

Nice job James.