If you had to choose between 2 options for the power supply of the NAC 202 pre amplifier of an active set up? Which option would you go for and why?




Source and power-amp remain constant of course and the “Get the HICAP DR and then the NAPSC later” is not an option

I don’t want to sound facetious but why is the latter not an option? Sounds sensible to me. Presumably you are looking to buy 2nd hand in which case I would be focused on getting the best improvement for my budget combined with longevity, so I would be looking at age of component or recent service history as important factors as well. I don’t have specific experience but from what I can recall of putting a NAPSC on a 102 I would guess that the HCDR would be the bigger gain over HC+NAPSC. In different set ups I found the difference between HC and HCDR quite noticeable.

@Paddington when I had my 202 I found the HCDR added to the 202, I had a NAPSC on my 282 very noisy PSU and if you do go down that route as far away as possible from 202

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I will cost a lot less to add the NAPSC down the road than to get the HiCap serviced and DR’d. If the HC is not already DR and it has never been serviced it will be due for it now or within a couple years at the latest. I would get the HiCap DR and leave the NAPSC for a future upgrade.

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