NAC 202 + NAPSC + HI-CAP vs NAC272

Hey guys, need your guidance :

My friend offers me with NAC 202 (2012 built) + NAPSC at a cost of £700 & I have a spare Hicap with me earlier.

I am currently using 272 pairing with 200DR aiming to buy NAC 282 being source upgrade.

Question : NAC 202 + NAPSC + HI-CAP vs NAC272 which one sound better to drive ProAc D20R & tablette 10s ?

Pleased to hear

Sorry, cannot answer your question as I don’t belong to the group targeted. :sunglasses:


I’d be inclined to go for it and then delay your 282 in favour of a NDX2 first.


When I listened to a 272 at my dealers some time ago I asked him to suggest some alternatives. One was NDX/Supernait 2, which I found slightly better than 272/250. Next up was NDX/202/200DR, which I found to be a significant step up. Adding an XPSDR to the 272/250 made it a closer match, although I still preferred the NDX/202. Not that any of these systems sounded bad, it’s all relative.

I looked at a 202/200 when I still had my 72/HC/250 and wasn’t impressed. I’ve never got on with the 202 or 200 for that matter. With the 202 being a pretty big step down for me. I’d get a 250DR for your 272 before messing with a 202.

Thats a pretty good price for 202/Napsc


Thx Chris, problem is my current XPS paired with CDX2 otherwise it’s good to marry with 272.

I know it’s a bit silly to ask the question of 202, still is good to thread the question and get some insight from the big bros!


That is very true mate !


Money dictated my will bro

I would hold off and get the 282. Go for the 250DR and keep the 272 in the meantime. Try the XPS on the 272 instead of the CDX2. It will improve your streaming and amplification as it works on both fronts.

I think the 202 is a sideways move and won’t bring big improvements and possibly none.

Worth trying the XPS on the 272 before you make any decisions anyhow!


I agree, trade in 200 for 250, then 282. Skip 202 if you want a 282.

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I would strongly disagree with this, I think the 202 gets too much bad press around here. To my ears the 272 needs an XPS to compete with it.
Of course the 282 is better still, and it’s always more cost effective to make bigger jumps up the ladder less frequently, assuming one intends to keep climbing.


I’d be tempted to hold off for a 282 which comes with a NAPSC.

I have 282 + HC + 200 and find it a great combination.

Used to run 202 + 200 and the 282 was a significant upgrade.


I agree and I think characterizing moving to the 202 as a sideways move is being kind. It’s a move backwards in my experience.

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For that price inc Napsc I’d go for it I thought the 202/HC/200 a much underrated amp in my opinion a lot closer in SQ to the 282 than many believe and as you probably know the oldest, unserviced 282 you’re likely to find will still cost you double what you’ve been asked for that 202.

Live with the 202/200 for a while and then trade it for a 282 I’d also trade in that 272 for an NDX even the MK1 would be an upgrade over the 272.

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I am thinking of that direction as well.
Thx for the adv

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A pain in the neck as I bought my 200DR only last June and hardly price right (towards buyer) in the second hand market!

Ha, you read my mine bro

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If you have set your sights on the 282, it makes little sense to go with the 202 unless you don’t mind taking baby steps and want to try the 202 in your system. Having said that, I understand you are asking the question above hence leaving the 282 aside, it appears that only ChrisSU has compared both 202 and 272.

If the Hicap is a DR version, the 202 will sound great with it. Perhaps ask your friend if he can let you try the 202 in your system. At the price he is offering, it might be worthwhile to jump on it.