NAC 202 Outputs for vinyl streaming


I have problems finding the answer to my problem in the manual from NAIM:
I would like to select my vinyl source on the NAC 202 (CD input via external phono stage), be able to listen to it in my room (nac202+nap 200 DR) and simultaneously use an output from the NAC 202 to connect to the input of a streamer (bluesound). The output should be independant of volume and mute function on the nac 202 in the case I want to listen to music on my streaming system and not in the NAIM Room. (I would mute the sound completely on the naim system or turn it down by a lot)
Sould I use tape tape in/out ?

If the bluesound has an analog input (which seems odd for a streamer to have!), and if the NAC has a tape output (I think most Naim preamps have), then that’s what you want. It is possible that somewhere you will have to make a selection to make the tape output live.

If your streamer doesn’t have an analog input, then you’d need an ADC between the tape output and streamers digital input.

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Edit - Read it wrong.

Yes you can use the tape output for this :+1:

yes, The bluesound has an anlog input.

sounds great. Do you think the tape output is independant from the volume knob on the nac 202?

Yes it is. Volume, balance and mute have no effect on tape output. Only source selection does.

perfect! I just need to find the right cables.
thank you

Just make sure the DIN5 plug (180 deg) on your cable is wired for the output (ch1 / 2 out) pins on the socket and you should be good to go.


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