Nac 202 to Nap 250-2?

Can I connect a Nac 202 to the 250-2 without a hicap or similar?

ie Napsc power to Nac 202, then 202 direct to 250-2?


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No. The NAPSC only powers the logic controls of the NAC202. NAC202 needs a pre-amp power supply for the actual analogue pre-amp circuitry (i.e. a suitable power amp such as a NAP200, or better still, a HICAP) and the NAP250 has no pre-amp power supply inside. The next amp down in the range, the NAP200 has a pre-amp supply inside, so it could power a NAC202.

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Just as well, really, as 202 and 250 are not a great match.

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Just thinking about a temp set up while other stuff goes away for refresh.

Covid, Christmas and now Brexit import/Export/post uncertainty means turnaround times are unknown at the moment.

I guess it would be fine as a temporary measure to keep the music playing while you wait for your other gear to arrive. You need that Hicap, though - or a Supercap if you happen to have a spare one kicking around!

lol. I’ve got too much kicking around and now it’s coming to decision time. Pretty much decided on 300/PS and 252/SC to go away first, probably DR. That leaves me with the 250-2 and no source. I could just park that and move the ‘spare’ Nait 5i out of a bedroom, but where’s the fun in simple solutions.

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