NAC 202 to replace NAC 152XS

Hi, looking for some advice on upgrades. If I replace my NAC152XS with a NAC202 and eventually add a NAP200 (currently have a NAP155XS) would I be able to use any of my existing equipment in the changes and what other upgrades would be recommended? Thoughts and help please?
Thank you


Yes your NDX will be fine and your 155 will power your 202. However, can I make a suggestion and say that if you could stretch to a 2nd hand 282 which will come complete with NAPSC but will still be happily powered by the 155. The 282 gives far greater insight into the music. Provided your speakers are not too demanding the 282/155 is in many ways a better pairing than the 202/200.

Good luck.


Having been disappointed with a 202 upgrade in the past I can only agree. The 202 is an upgrade, but to my mind a small one for the additional cost. It is a fine combination with the 200 and a hicap, but as an upgrade not such good value.

You could - and should (IMO) - use everything you still have. Be assured it will all work.

A 202/200 is a fine combo - but 282/HiCap/250 is better. As @LindsayM suggests you could shoot for a 282 now, rather than the 202. But your budget will decide…


I had not the same experience. I remember how better was 202/200 vs 112/150 . But it’s a bit different here, because it is 202/155 here.

I’d tend to agree that if budget permits a pre-loved 282 would be a better option than a new 202. It would also put you in a good place to build from if you wanted to upgrade later.

To get the best from a 202 you need a Hicap and a Napsc. If you don’t want a four box amplifier it may be worth looking at a Supernait 3.

Hi Graham,
As a fellow owner of a NAC152XS but with a NAP200DR, the NAC202 is where I am heading next.

(I used to have a NAP155XS btw).

Hope that helps.


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Recently, in my basement system, i swapped Nait XS for a brand new 202/200. The overall improvement is quite bigger than expected, i’m still waiting for a HC-DR for the combo. Even without the latter this system (see my profile) is very sweet and enjoyable.



I think where you will get the most value as a next step would be in upgrading the amplifier to NAP200DR, that way you upgrade both amplifier and preamp power supply. From there you can move up to either 202 or 282, and still benefit from the DR power supply until you can get to HiCap. That’s what I recently did and I’m very happy with the results, I’m likely to stay 152XS/202DR for a while and look to upgrade other parts of my system that are in more need of attention.

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That’s what I did too, and for the same reasons. Great minds…! :wink:

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I would stay at 152/155 unless there is a compelling reason to change something.

I jumped from 112/150 to 552/500, all second hand. The original set made the case for the 500, and I saved a ton by waiting, saving, and doing it in One.

I could have enjoyed the 112/150 forever, frankly; but I have no regrets about trading up to the 552/500.

I think each level has its strengths, but the low end is underrated.

Good luck.


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Wait for a good deal on a used 282 if at all possible. A 282 will show what your existing sources are capable of.

Well! So much really great feedback and much more than I expected. I will have to take some time to digest and research but on first pass I quite like the idea of a pre loved nac 282 but need to do some more research. I am really blown away by all your comments :pray::pray::pray:

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I’d agree with HH here regarding a Supernait 3. Having owned a 202/200 moving up from a 122x/150 it was a nice upgrade but you 100% need a Napsc with the 202 and also though the Hicap isn’t as bigger necessity as the Napsc it’s a big improvement.

If you can’t stretch to a SN3 then a late used SN2 isn’t far behind and paired with your NDX would make an excellent 2 box system.

I echo the others recommending stretching to a SN2 or SN3 if possible.

Hi Folks, hmmm! The Suoernait 2 or 3 would also be an interesting idea, would the NAP 155XS be any use in the system or best to sell it along with my nac152 to help finance say a SN3?
Thanks again

If you were considering a Supernait then I think it best to put both the NAC152xs and NAP155xs towards it. However, do consider carefully the other options, as separating the pre-amp from the power amp (and power supply) does bring performance advantages. Try to get a listen to some of the options.

Hi Graham, Worth remembering that despite trends, Naim continue to make (and sell) preamps and poweramps. Broadly, it’s where they started :slight_smile:


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If you want to save shelf space then a SN is a fantastic amp and is comfortable with quite demanding speakers. But with less demanding speakers I’d plump for a 282/155.