Nac 202 with Hi-Cap & Napsc V's 282 with Napsc

I’m currently considering upgrading my 202, but do it, I need to sell both my 202 & the Hi-Cap I have powering it.

From other peoples experience is this a an upgrade path worth considering.


Assuming you are using a nap200 power amp then this would work. If you’re using a 250 then a 282 wont’t work without at least one hicap so you’d need to keep hold of the one you hav

Unless it’s being powered from a suitable NAP…such as the 200.

Good shout. I’ve updated my reply.

Sorry Using a NAP 200

With the NAP200 powering the system…just trying to get an understanding if the 202, with Hi Cap & Napsc is an improvement over the 282 with Napsc

Can’t answer the question directly but changing the 202 for a 282 was a bigger step than adding the HCDR to the 202 (both done last year by the way).

I would get the 282, but my experience is with the 200DR which has a more capable preamp power supply that the regular 200.
Also, if your Hicap is a DR that strengthens the argument for keeping it.

A 202 with NAPSC and HCdr, good as it is, will not outperform a 282 even if that 282 is powered by FlatCap.

The 282 is another animal entirely


When I swapped from 202/HCDR to 282, I used the 282 bare for a couple weeks to see how it compared. This is going back numerous years now but from what I recall I felt the 282 bare had at least as much detail as the 202/HCDR but with the benefit of the 282 having a much fuller sound in general & far more enjoyable musically. Adding the HCDR to the 282 really brought everything up another level & the PS upgrade was far more noticeable vs when adding to the 202. I’d swap to 282 without hesitation personally but be aware the 202 is leaner sounding (some people may like/need this)


Thanks Darren…exactly what I was looking for

I’m in a similar position, thinking of adding the 282 but have always thought it would bring a brighter more vivid and dynamic sound to my system so have been reluctant to change but perhaps I have the wrong impression of the sound signature of the 282?

When I first added the napsc I could hear a pleasant improvement overall but adding the hicap dr not so much, which surprised me, perhaps as pointed out it’s not so much of an improvement with a 202 especially if you are running with a 200dr, maybe I need to give this some more thought, perhaps find a local dealer that would be willing to let me demo a 282 at home.

I own and use both 202 and 282

Yes the 282 powered off nap 200 is better than 202 with Hicap but still I would be more focussed about the source than upgrading from 202 to 282

202 gets little love on this forum but I absolutely love mine and it’s the first naim preamp I heard and I was hooked on Naim since that first audition


I can’t really judge my jump from a 202 to 282 as went from an NDX to NDX2 at the same time . I thought the 282 powered through my nap200 was good, but something missing. I then add a £400 hicap (20 years old, not serviced, no DR) from a reputable auction site and the soundstage just opened up. The take home being, even an old hicap will significant improve a 282 over the nap200.

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How do you know which source he uses? Curious, because couldn’t find, neither profile, neither activity.
Ndx2 /282/200 would be a nice balanced system.

It’s a general comment … source is more important than the amplifier for me

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I’m looking to upgrade to a CDX@ with an XPS…

That’s what I’m aiming for, but planning to move to a CDX@ with XPS first.

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Not sure that a DCS Vivaldi full set at 100 k into 202/200 would be the ideal system.

Cdx2 / XPS 2 or dr can be easily an end game. So visceral and involving, so big enthusiasm !