Nac 202 with Hi-Cap & Napsc V's 282 with Napsc

Totally with you. My one-time CDS3 into my Nait XS and SBLs was spellbinding.

Source first is not about the monetary cost, it’s about having the best possible quality. If that would mean DCS for that listener (we’re all different) then I wouldn’t necessarily bet against that combo.

An amplifier actually does not really amplify the signal

it makes a copy of the signal by modulating the current.

Hence an amplifier can never improve on a signal, the best amplifiers just do less damage to the signal.

I was in the middle of trialling a 202/200 combination when a 282 became available. 282/200 was a pretty significant step up from 202/200.

I’d go for the 282. In future perhaps you can add a HiCap DR to it (which was another worthwhile improvement) and then the door is open for a further upgrade some day to swap the 200 for a 250. That’s the path I’ve ended up following.

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it doesn’t improve but can be a real bottleneck vs all the capabilities of a source.

the source is directly linked to the quality of the preamp and amp. It’s a nonsense to consider the source without the rest of the system.

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So you see the whole system as the source. Well fair enough, that’s a point of view I suppose.

Hi znai you mentioned that the “282/200 was a pretty significant step up from 202/200” could you be a bit more specific, how would you compare the sound signature of the 202 versus the 282, just trying to get a flavour of how the 282 sounds,thanks.


Absolutely not what I said, sorry. I said the source is not all. The quality of the sound is due to source-pre-amp-speakers synergy.
This discussion was already done to death and there’s no consensus.
Some put the importance of the source well above anything else, like seeing no problem putting a full Klimax Lp12 with a Supernait and bookshelf speakers, other say that the speakers are the most important component, and other , like me, consider the quality of the preamp as having as much importance as the quality of the source, all regardless to
a balanced system.

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The sound suddenly burst from the speakers. (I’m not talking night and day here, but it was more articulate, clearer, more like the musicians were in the room)

I’ve heard some hifi shop staff talk disparagingly about naim being tiring to listen to. That’s not been my experience, but the 282 delivered what I think they are referring to. It’s not music that runs in the background, it’s there and it’s great.

No I think what he means, translated into the fish analogies favoured here, is that a monkfish is better than a mullet but an eel is better than both.

And that’s certainly my view.

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Bookshelf / standmounts can be excellent. There’s no reason not to use them with a Linn turntable or Supernait.

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I think FR was referring to cheap bookshelf speakers.

I think what FR was saying is that, at some point, balance is important. For sure source is key, but a source that is way beyond an amplifier (or speakers) starts to be less value for money than a balanced system.

Anyway we’re a bit off topic here. OP it seems most agree with going 282 - go on, you know you want to!


Thanks for you reply, that sums the 282 up nicely and confirms what I have read before on the forum, definitely will have to try and get an audition to decide if it’s for me, the 282 seems to be a very popular choice with members on here.


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