Nac 22 and Nap 120

Evening gents (I am yet to return and comment on the n sat thread I haven’t forgotten just been busy!)

Ok so I have a Nap 120 and Nac 22 and strangely the Nap 120 does not power the Nac 22 however it all works when run via a hicap. I assume it’s something to do with the single rail power supply but confused that 120 doesn’t power it. Am I overlooking something simple? To clarify I’m using a four pin snaic to connect 120 to 22 and no power. Works from socket 3 on the CB HC though.

Thanks chaps.

First of all make sure the SNAIC is a) genuine, and b) doesn’t have a fault (i.e. check continuity). Otherwise, it could be that the pre-amp supply in the NAP120 has failed (maybe badly needs a service), or perhaps even removed earlier in its life.

Hi Richard, I thought you may be able to shed some light thanks. SNAIC is not genuine but works fine with the hicap as mentioned. I’ve added some pics of the inside of the Nap 120 it does not look to be modified or messed about with. Obviously one cannot tell the electronics inside are faulty just by looking at them but there are no bulbous caps or anything that looks untoward. It should power the Nac 22 though right? Thanks.

Hi Lewis,

The preamp power supply regulator lives on the bottom of the chassis, it is highlighted in this pic:

Make sure all the wires are terminated properly.

I think that the cause of the problem lies with this current limiting resistor - it looks a bit traumatised & may well be open circuit.

It feeds the preamp supply reservoir cap (the smaller blue one at the back).


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Hi Neil, thanks for your input I think you may be right. I’ve taken a closer look at that resistor and it’s not looking too healthy. Is that all it could be then? I live really close to you guys am I able to drop it in directly for a service to avoid the faff of going via a dealer as my nearest one is in Bath I think.

If it would be a simple case of just replacing that resistor I could do that myself if I knew what the type and rating should be. And brand too as I know the older Naim gear uses a particular type although I cannot think of the name (Naim) off the top of my head!


Closer Pic of said resistor here;

Lewis, I don’t think Neil’s in a position to arrange that for you over the forum. You’ll need to speak to Naim support. I reckon that they would probably want to give it a proper service rather than just change a resistor.

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Unfortunately I can’t help you there without breaching forum rules!
Your 120 would definitely benefit from a full service, the preamp power supply stage would also receive an upgrade modification at the same time.


I bought a 32 / 120 combo some 20 years ago for my eldest son. It’s been back to the Factory some 8 years ago for a service still sounding sublime.



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