Nac 252

Is the 252 that good for the price?

Only if you can afford it :smiley:
I went from 202/Hicap to 252/Supercap (into a 250DR) and very much love the result; I’ve noticed (I think) an uplift in the last week that perhaps reflects that the 252 is now run in (after 4 months) but it sounded great from the start.
Having said that, I was very happy with the 202 which for a couple of months had the supercap powering it and this also improved over the Hicap.

So, if I didn’t have the funds, I would have been very happy with the 202 … but the 252 is better … but how much better and whether its worth the money is really a personal decision.


Thanks for mail it will be for my nap 300dr, which I have 282 at the moment I also have the supercap Dr in my system so this makes the upgrade more affordable.

The 252 is very very good and is probably the natural partner for your 300DR assuming you have a source of similar calibre

It also benefits from careful set up and positioning with as much space around it as you can provide.

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As Dave says the 252 is a stunning pre and with SCDR/300DR should work beautifully with your source, in saying that the 282 is no slouch

Again I would ask source? The 282 /252 have different presentation and you may, prefer the 282

A demo is a must to ensure you are happy

What is your source?

Forget about the critical remarks on the 252. It’s the first pre-amp in the Naim range which brings you close to heaven at a reasonable price level. Matched with the 300 it beats a lot of the competitor combos…


Well you already have the 300DR so that will give the 252 its’ best partner. I ran mine with a 250.2 and agree with Bert that the 252 is a fine pre. However, if I had to do it again I would have skipped over the 252 and gone straight for the 552. There is just such a significant lift with the 552… Trading your 282 and SC would cover a chunk of the expense for a pre-loved 552. Even a non-DR 552 will deliver the goods with your 300. Do the 252 vs 552 demo if possible…

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Having gone through 282, 252 and now 552, I am inclined to agree with Varyat, although I accept a 552, even pre loved, can be a stretch too far financially.

You can be reassured though that the 252 is a fine pre and and great VFM upgrade from the 282 IMO.

I have cdx2 and cds3.

Well put one of the CDPs together with your 282 and SuperCap and trade them all in for a pre loved 552!

Job done, but try a home demo first if that is possible where you are.

What a bizarre question…

An odd question…
My illustrious predecessors have pretty much covered it.

So let’s answer in a similar fashion - you do get what you pay for :slight_smile:
It is that good…

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Depends how good that is and what price you pay. Seriously though you’ll love it. Unless a swap for a 552 is possible. That is also good, at a price.

While I agree with you as such. I think not everybody is capable or prepared to create the funds to finance a 552. In that sense the 252 is great value for money at it’s pricepoint.


Well said! Yes the 552 may be wonderful but for me my 252 and Supercap DR are just fine and I’ve no desire to even listen to the 552.


I have had my 252 for six months and my 300 for three months and they work beautifully together. I am sure a 552 would be better, but right now I am just enjoying listening to music being played exquisitely and any future upgrades will just have to wait.


I’m absolutely loving my 252. A few years ago I did a home audition of 282/250.2 but was not impressed enough to move on from my SN2 at the time. The 252/SCDR/250DR was an entirely different story and quite a step up.

I"m “open” to spending on a gently used 552, but such are extremely rare here in the States.

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Stepping through the NACs from 202>282>252>552 is largely a linear process you get more and improvement at each level. But to my ears the 252 is somewhat different more mature but considerably more resolution.

I’ve always been fully engaged by the 282 and have no intention to upgrade but if I did I would look to go straight to the 552. But, if someone arrived this afternoon with a straight swap 252 for my 282 I’d very gratefully accept!

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Lindsay, following a home demo, when I traded my treasured 282 in for a pre loved 252, it wasn’t exactly a straight swap, but it didn’t cost very much more (both pre amps were of a similar age). Fortunately I already owned a SuperCapDR, so that made the upgrade in pre amp even more painless.

This forum is funny - it‘s always a 552 and 500​:crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: at the end. Different view: a very good hifi journalist wrote in a review: 282&300DR is endgame! So a 252&300DR should bring in more one needs to reach the music nirvana. My 2cents…

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