Nac 272 and Stageline

Hallo !!!
I really need your advice,and sorry for my English.
It’s my first post on forum, I started with Naim Xs2 and Nd5xs and Cd5xs, and now I changed the system for Nac272/Nap250dr ,so i’m very happy after changing it’s a great system.
But I’m a fan of vinyls, I have a Stageline, but i don’t now how to connect stageline to nac272.
Do I need a PSU,( Flatcap) to connect?And how it all connect together?(Nac272+Flatcap xs+ Stageline)
Thank you very much and best regards.

You cannot power a Stageline from a 272. You either need to buy a Naim power supply or switch to a self powered phono stage.

You’ll need a power supply. A Flatcap is a good option. You connect the Flatcap to the Stageline via SNAIC5 which provides the Stageline with 24V power and take signal the other way into the Flatcap. From there you connect Flatcap signal out via 4-5 interconnect to the NAC-N272.

Thanks hungry… ,so Flatcap xs will be ok?

Yes, the Flatcap XS will be fine.

Thanks Richard, so I need SNAIC 5 and SNAIC 4-5 PIN to connect Flatcap with nac272?

The Stageline would have come with a SNAIC5 so you should already have that. However, you may not already have a 4-5 interconnect (not a SNAIC as it only carries signal), which you’ll need to take signal from the Flatcap into the NAC-N272.

Thanks,yes I have already SNAIC5 ,just I need like you sad interconnet 4-5 ,this cable could be from Naim or another brand?Is this possible to get such interconnet from anather company?

The 4-5 interconnect is a Naim cable. See the FAQ for interconnect ID.

The unthinkable is that is very possible to buy a good quality phono stage for less than the cost of a Flatcap

That’s what I was thinking in my first reply. A Stageline and Flatcap cost about £1,200 and there must be better alternatives.

Sounds like he already has the Stageline Nigel.

Mar7720, no need to apologise for your English, it’s very good!

There is nothing the matter with your English.

Yes, and also for less than the price of a Flatcap you could buy a MM/MC phono stage rather than have to abandon if you move to MC

Thanks Stuart,yes I already have stageline, so I need to found Flatcap.
Best regards

A Flatcap 2 or 2x would be fine, and cheaper, though it’s the XS that has the shiny front to match your 272.

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