NAC 272 link plug and breaker circuit

Try disconnecting the 250 from the 272. Disconnect the speakers. Turn on the 250. Does it trip?

Ah you didn’t mention anything tripping before. That is an entirely different question.

I think your circuit breaker is the wrong type. It shouldn’t trip when you power up any of these Naim units.

No that won’t be possible, or at least not without a long extension cord. All the power in the living room is on the same mains lead/string. I’m in the Netherlands, power comes in to the house, via the central junction box with breaker circuit, into the rest of the house via different spurs. The spurs got to a central place in a room (in ceiling) and are diverted to different corners/positions in the room.

I will do and check that in couple of days when I have a few days off. Will report back.

I don’t think it’s a wrong circuit breaker, it’s been in the house since we bought it (and before) and didn’t trip with 272 and NAP 200 also not with power supply/272/NAP 250.
Only with bare 272 to NAP 250.

The suggestion of @Fatcat that ther might be a voltage difference in the power supply’s is plausible I think.

Just kicks in: we have some additional lighting this time off year on the same radial.

Actually I think that is not remotely plausible.

But it’s impossible to diagnose further at a distance. I hope you sort it out.



If an led Christmas tree can upset your mains to this extent, you have a serious issue with your mains supply and need it sorted out.


I don’t think we do. The mains is as steady as ever, it does not trip for example when vacuuming, which takes al lot mor power from the mains.

No, that’s wrong. It’s the inrush current when you turn on a big Naim box that can cause problems if your mains is not up to the task.


I suggested that before I realised the main CB in your home was tripping.

You could try switching from chasis to floating.
Although somebody will probably point out that it’s a waste of time. :wink:

I’d test the equipment on a kitchen worktop or table, where you’ve plenty of room see what you’re doing. As HH says, try powering the 250 on its own.

Nice Tree

Problem solved.

Where it al started was if the txps was in place after buying the NAP 250.
I switched the power cables around, power amp first and streamer after that. Initial impressions no difference in sound. After that I removed the txps and first impressions are that the amp seems more powerful, more foreward, but also less “room” or soundstage.

Another question, i get the impression that I need to set the volume higher on the NAP 250 than on my old 200 to reach the same volume. Is that normal? Or do I get that impression because the former has more grip and control? Or is it time for a service?

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