NAC 272, Mac mini & Qobuz

I am quite keen to try Qobuz and I wondered if there was any way to pair the 272 and Mac Mini to make this possible. The Mac needs to stay in a separate room so it would be connected via the network.

Audirvana looked promising and the screen on my Mac shows it as being connected via uPNP but it doesn’t show on the 272.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Have a look at running Bubbleupnp on the Mac mini. This will allow you to play Qobuz on the 272. That is how I get it working but using a NAS instead. There’s lots to read on how to setup here and on bubble website.

BubbleUPnP Server worked for me with a 1st gen Naim streamer, controlled by either the Lumin or Linn Kazoo apps. I ran it in a Synology NAS but I believe it can also run on a Mac.

I used headless windows pc to connect audiovarna to my 272 when I had one. Are they both connected to the network by cable? That might be worth checking

I have exactly the same setup and have no issues running Tidal / Audirvana > Mac Mini > 272 via UPnP. Qobuz should work the same way.

Maybe try rebooting the MM & 272?

Thanks for your replies. I did look at the the Bubble option before but their website and instructions looked a bit technical for me.

It’s all wired.

I will try rebooting the Mac and 272 again and see how I go. @easeback1 I May pick your brains about the settings if this doesn’t work.

My brain is on standby.

Just a thought: in my setup, Audirvana 3.5 often defaults to the Mac’s sound output on startup; closing & restarting the app then allows it to connect to the 272.

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Bubble seemed simple enough to set up when I tried it a few years ago, if I can manage it I’m sure anyone could.
I wasn’t particularly keen on the UI but it worked.

I’ve had a bit of time to look at this a bit more and I’m still struggling. The photo would seem to suggest that Audirvana is set up correctly but it still doesn’t show up in uPNP section of 272 app.

I’ve tried re-booting everything but it makes no difference. Is there a setting on the MAC that I need to adjust to make it visible to the 272 - or does that happen through Audirvana?

Have you got any other devices which can see upnp to test Audirvana is escaping the MAC and any security software you have installed.

How have you got things wired? How does the Mac connect to the 272 just out of interest?

…also maybe worth reading through the Audirinava website forum.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t have anything else that might see Audirvana.

Everything is wired back to the main router.

I just tried the instructions regarding the firewall and nothing is blocked. Audivarna Studio is shown as “allow incoming connections”.

I’m not sure what IPV6 is or how to disable it.

Thanks for these pointers though - I’ll keep trying.

No worries.

I have 8player Pro on my iPhone which I can use to see upnp servers on my network. Might be worth trying the free version to see if that works and can see A.

Will ponder other ideas

I just downloaded 8player and that can’t see Audirvana either. It can see all of the usual suspects - NAS, Assett etc.

I think that’s correct (although my Naim app won’t connect at all to my 272! :angry:) Audirvana can’t be controlled via the Naim app.

An Android / iOS remote app is promised soon for Audirvana Studio, but until then you’ll have to run it from your computer. Can you get some music that way?

I would buy a used Mac Mini and, optionally, swap in an SSD drive. Connect this Mini to the 272, and manage it with Apple Remote Access.

This is what I do for Audirvana.

Old Minis that run the current OS are cheap now, and available from reputable vendors like

This kills a lot of variables and possible points of failure.


Thanks Nick,
I don’t really want to be buying more boxes (apart from the 272 replacement but that’s another story).
I just wanted to see if the kit I had could be used to play Qobuz on my main system.
The other option is to do something with the NAS I have but it’s quite an old QNAP TS 212 - I have looked in the past but didn’t get anywhere.

Just an update on this. I finally got to use Qobuz on the 272 - but not with the Mac Mini. I installed Bubble uPNP on my ageing (but trusty) NAS. I am using Linn Kazoo to control it.

I’ve no idea how any of this works or how all of the different bits and pieces talk to each other - but they seem to be getting along for the time-being. I haven’t been able to have a proper listen to judge the quality yet but I’m impressed with the number of albums available and I’m looking forward to exploring - and this was the whole point of the exercise.

Thanks for all the help and advice. Now all I need to do is wait for the replacement 272 to come along…

As I typed this - I had a thought. The NAC 272 was introduced in 2015 and cost over £3000. I bought my QNAP TS 212 in 2012 - I think it was about £200 - and it has proved itself more capable and resilient in the longer term (from a software point of view). I know it’s not a completely straight-forward comparison but I can’t help wondering whether it was planned obsolescence or lack of fore-thought in the original NAC 272 design.

Personally, I would rather pay the extra (say £200) and have a product that stays current for longer but I can see how that doesn’t make as much business sense. Maybe the rush for me to buy a new 272 (if it ever happens) isn’t a foregone conclusion after all.