NAC 272 / NAP 250 DR - bookshelf speakers

The NAP is coming next week to pair up with the 272, but it’s going to be something of a mismatch with my old standmounted Monitor Audio Br2 speakers.

The issue is the set up will be in a bedroom for a few months yet, before it goes to its final destination in the living room. The plan is to get a nice pair of floor standers then but haven’t decided on layout and decoration yet so will hold off on the floor standers for time being.

So my question is, is it worth changing the Br2’s for another standmount? If I do I’ll most likely buy second hand and sell them on again when the system goes downstairs. Would I get a big improvement for around the £500 mark? I read Dynaudio Emit M20 are a good match elsewhere.

Why bother for a couple of months. You’ll be surprised what a better amp will do for the existing speakers. Put the effort into getting a wiggle on with the decorating.


I guess it’s partly the upgrade bug and partly cos a couple of months is hugely optimistic if my previous decorating projects are anything to go by! But yeah the amp should arrive Tuesday so I’ll see what difference it makes with the BR2’s.

A couple months go by really fast, I agree with HH, just wait and try your current speakers a bit.


I tend to agree with HH, but if you’ve got the cash and want to experiment, why not? I was once at a show and heard Emit 20s on the end of an Atom. They were making some of most enjoyable music I heard that day and should be even better with a 272/250. And perhaps they could eventually move to a second system.


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Thanks all.

The 250DR fell through so took the opportunity to step back and re-evaluate. Loving the 272 and Tidal but impatient to see what it can do with a better suited amp. So I’ve picked up a nice looking 2009 Naim NAP 150X (Class A serviced 2019). Hoping this will prove a better balanced match for my current speakers as well as being a lot easier on the wallet and will now try to just take the time to sit back and enjoy the system for a bit before upgrading any more. The 250DR would have just left me with that niggling unsatisfaction thinking how the speakers were holding everything back and how I’d need to spend big money to get the best out of it.

It’ll be light years ahead of my 30 year old system I pulled out of the garage just a week or so ago anyway!

Let us know how it sounds

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The one thing that is always tempting when funds allow, but also thoroughly confusing is upgrading or servicing several items simultaneously.

Personally I’d say go slow, don’t jump to upgrade too quickly unless it’s due to component failure.

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I have a 150x - and it did work very well with my 272.

And it was serviced by Darran, to great effect.

And it still works well today.

I read you’d matched the two to get effect Jim when I was researching it so that was reassuring. Otherwise I couldn’t find very much info online about the 150x.

Can’t wait to hear how it sounds, I’ll let you all know.

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PS from reading other posts I was also thinking I should look at a dedicated consumer unit and wiring and get that end right before upgrading any more hi-fi. The discussion around electrical noise is new to me but it makes a lot of sense imo.

As a trial when I get the chance I was thinking to switch all circuits off at the consumer box except the hi fi one and then make sure everything else on that circuit is unplugged. Then compare SQ against having every circuit on and all the lights and appliances on.

This should reveal if there’s a potential issue here or not, although I realise my speakers in particular might not be sensitive enough at this stage to identify it, but it’s easy enough to try and it’s an interesting experiment!

Hey, that’s a good idea.

I might try that too next time everyone’s out.

Would that just involve switching all other switches off at the main consumer unit?

Is that likely to mess anything up - like my solar panels and inverter??

I listen across the centre of an 11ft x 22ft room.

SL2s as close as poss to the wall, back of listening chair 2 or 3 feet out from the rear wall.

The 150x gives a great sound - up to volume 9:30 ish.

Beyond that it’s not comfortable, but luckily I never really want to go beyond that (and damage my hearing).

I’ve twice bought a SH 250DR and in both cases it added too much energy to the room, and spoiled the balance at low volumes.

I wouldn’t have thought so but best to shut everything down properly first i.e. power down the devices then knock off the switch at the consumer unit. That said I have zero electrical qualifications so take note!

Wow you must rate the 150X it’s holding its own in some impressive company!

The 150x arrived today. In original box with all original packaging, manual etc which is a good sign. Condition is mint and the Class A service date was actually Apr 2020 so better than advertised.

But most importantly it sounds incredible to my ears partnered with the 272. Bass is much tighter and deeper, treble sounds clear and detailed and everything is much deeper and richer than before. It’s like going from 2-D to 3-D is the best way I can describe it. Would never have believed an amp could make such a difference, so over the moon.

They are indeed a great partnership JimDog :+1:

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