Nac 272 replacement

After many hours of great listening to my nac272 + nap250 I am seeking for the next generation to the nac272?
Any chance this will happen soon?
Would be glad to see Naim to maintain this product segment in the range.
Wondering if more people would be pleased to buy an updated nac272?

Welcome back Pat. If you search the forum you’ll see almost endless debate/speculation on this. But in summary the world awaits!

Hi Lindsay
Many topics on the nac 272 following generation.
It is reassuring that this product will encounter a huge expectation around world.

I like the nac 272 multi tasks capacity able to play from FM radio (mine has this feature included) to streaming , and seconds later RO switch to Cd and after hours to relax with a nice Vynil. And many other options of source are possible.

But more important is the seamless play and with always the same sound enjoyable for any type of music.

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