NAC 272 to Stax electrostatics

Good afternoon everyone,
I have a Linn Ikemi, Chord 2Qute DAC, NAC 272, NAP 250 and Linn Isobariks. Modest and ancient by most of your standards, but affording me much pleasure! I also have a Stax SM 313 headphone amplifier and 4070 headphones, connected directly to the Ikemi, so currently, only CDs can be heard through the electrostatics. Recently, I have been enjoying Spotify Premium, through the NAC 272, but I’m not too sure if, or how I can connect the Stax set-uup to the 272. Can anyone advise me?
Brian D.

Welcome to the Forum. Your system looks excellent to me. It’s easy to do what you want - just enable the analogue line out using the app or remote. It’s pre-volume control so you can mute the speakers when using your Stax. You’ll be able to hear all inputs through the line out, so can leave the Stax connected to the 272.


Dear Hungryhalibut (!),
Many thanks for your comment and your advice. It worked perfectly - endless hours of happy listening ahead.
Best wishes,
Brian D.

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Excellent. Thanks so much for letting me know that the suggestion worked.

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