Nac 272 to Uniti to 250

Hi - Im in the process of upgrading from 272/XPS/250DR to NDX2/XPS/282/Hicap/250DR.

As an interim step I can trade the 272 for the NDX2 before the 282 is delivered. I have a Uniti that I was thinking of using as a pre-amp. Is this possible? If so how to connect / set up? The Uniti has rca inputs and a preamp output (4 pin DIN to connect to the 250) as far as I can see. Unfortunately the screen on the Uniti is dead so its tricky to see what to do with it…

Or maybe I just wait a month for the 282 and avoid the hassle.

Thanks in advance.


It’s possible to do what you suggest, but without a screen you may need lots of help from people here to configure it.

Can’t you buy the NDX2 now, feed it into the 272 in the meantime and then trade the 272 in against the 282 and Hicap in a month?

A simple short term solution would be to connect the NDX2 direct to the 250, using a suitable lead, and using its variable output. It won’t provide the best quality but it will work fine.

You could of course use the Uniti as you suggest but you’d need to ensure that the analogue pre out was enabled. Connecting the NDX2 directly to the 250 would probably be safer.

Thanks David and HH

I think waiting is the simplest option. Delivery of 2 boxes and take away 1…



I would go for the NDX2 direct into the 250 if you want a simple solution. Just be VERY careful to set the NDX2 to variable volume mode and check the volume level before you connect it to the power amp to prevent any nasty surprises.


I have a third system in my house, with a Uniti 2 connected via its 4 pin Preamp out, to a pair of recently serviced chrome 135s. Sounds great! No bother to connect. I had a cable made up by a non-Naim reliable UK source, readily traceable on the net, and hey! sounds great, and much better than the Uniti 2 on its own. Driving big B&W 800 Signatures, so needed a bit more welly.

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