NAC 272 vs RME ADI-2 anyone?

Thank you for your thoughts @WeekendWarrior, the Topping stuff certainly seems to come up well in measurements and its interesting to hear your view on how they audibly compare, this is not a comparison that we see performed very much, well done.

I had the D90SE, which should be very similar to the LE version that you have. To my ears the only negatives are 1) comparatively narrower sound stage; 2) a little bit brittle at the top end; 3) runs warm. Otherwise a wonderful DAC especially at its price point. I ended up keeping the SMSL M400 that I was comparing the Topping against, but the difference was minimal.

Whilst I cant pretend to have much experience with all the options you mention, I can state with certainty that the Atom has a very passable preamp. Im currently using it as my front end, because of its excellent software, small footprint and great sound. I feed its signal via the rca outs on the Atom to my NAC 250DR. Whilst I might one day upgrade the front end, this combo sounds so much better than it has any right too and provides all the easy use functionality I need. I hope you are able to try this as Im really happy with the combo, and I suspect many others would be too…