NAC 272, with and without XPS?

Sounds like a project and a half!

Let us know how it goes…


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Well after adding the XPS DR to the 272 and waiting 5 days I spent Friday all day banging tunes out at volume (wife was out) across many genres. Very enjoyable day if slightly deafening.

My lifetime of collecting albums never sounded so good. Old or new, folk to death metal.
Everything is just generally better defined and at volume any confusion is gone, vocals and guitars hang out and you don’t get that feeling of compression or loss of treble due to bass slam.

We’re sitting here tonight listening to music and the wife, a trained singer, said “I didn’t think your new box would make any difference but it’s more musical”. Not 100% sure what that means but she’s sitting here singing over most tunes.

I’d have to say I’d expected to be moving soon onto a 282 and dealer even offered a demo, but now I’m not sure. To step up from this 272/XPS DR we’d have to hear a hell of a difference as 282/HCapDR/NDX2 is £9K minimum, and tonight I’m not convinced I’m in a rush.

Next step is to get vinyl connected up, really can’t wait. Deck is only a lowly Rega with upgraded belt, platter, motor and cartridge so suspect that could be the next area to focus funds on now!

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Sounds like you’re out on a musical journey, fun!
Saw in your description of your system that you have Sonus faber, very interesting, but a bit unusual together with Naim, which model is it?

Sonetto iii.

Bought after a demo at a naim dealer against other similar priced models (£3k ish) from various brands. They simply presented music the best to our ears, vocals hang free from speakers.

We only had a SuperUniti at that point, have gone SU, SU+250DR, 272+250DR, 272+XPSDR+250DR.

Still have the SU as an office system.

The Sonus Faber have just gotten better with each upgrade in black boxes. We might upgrade in future but our end game speakers would be something from same manufacturer (Olympica Nova) which at the price of a small car are a stretch!

Short term might be sonetto V which with trade in would be cheap.

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Instead of changing a lot of components and spend a lot I’d recommend to consider the 555PSDR at around 10-1500EUR extra if you want to up the game. Highly recommended from one that made the journey.

Trade up to 555ps, add 282, wire in Superluminas… options options options! All at significant cost it has to be said.

Currently updating all Powerline Lite to full fat. Not in too much of a rush to change or add hardware beyond that now as the 272/250 combo is sounding so good.

The addition of the XPSDR to the 272 continues to surprise us. Music is so easy to listen to but the biggest improvement is the noticeable uplift in quality via internet radio streams. Even some 128kbps streams have been added to our presets!


I have no doubt the 555ps is better but I’m with you, the XPSDr is wonderful and no need IMHO to rush out and trade it in. (note to future me, read this post) lol.


Advice I gave to myself. And then ignored :grinning:

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