Nac 282 and non Naim power amp

Hello, new here with a question. I have NAC 282/Napsc/2. HICAP and a NAP 200. The Nap is off for service and I want to connect another power amp that only takes RCA in the meantime to the 282 until the NAP is back How do I connect this? What cable do I need? Hope you can help me as I can’t seem to find how to d this and obviously don’t want to make any mistakes. Thx

You’ll need a DIN4 to 2x RCA phono interconnect. Naim sell one, which I can recommend. You connect to one of the DIN4s on the HICAP - these are the signal pre outs for the NAC282.

Thank you Richard. I will get me the cable you mentioned. Very helpful.

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