Nac 282 din inputs no sound

Help please. I’m totally new to naim having just swapped out my entire system through lockdown and not being able to audition properly and on a whim have ended up with Nac 282 hi cap dr / nap250 dr. Source is ND5XS. Ive managed to work out how to asign the two RCA inputs cd & Aux 2 and understand that now the din inputs for cd & Aux 2 are switched off to the Din out but The issue is none of the remaining Din inputs will output any sound. Any help / advice would be appreciated.
Also I do find compared to my old system 1990s Audiolab 8000q & 8000Ms the sound is ear piercing bright at times and wondering if I need a speaker upgrade? Speakers are monitor Audio studio 20se I’ve had from new and always loved them. Maybe they’re not up to the job? Ive had the ND5XS for a while connected to the old amps and didn’t experience the ear piercing top end at all.
Just wondering what a good speaker match would be for this set up. ?

OK, something’s not right here. For one thing, Naim kit generally sounds anything but bright. If anything it leans towards being slightly dark. Having said that, I’m not sure if MA Studio 20SEs are the best match (they did tend to sound very bright to my ears), and of course speaker cabling is critical with Naim kit (see FAQ). Are you using NACA5? How long each side? Are you using the Naim SA8 speaker connectors? All of this is important with your NAP250DR.

Make sure you have the connections correct - see the manual. Note the pre-out signal goes through the Hicap - the NAP250 should NOT be directly connected to the NAC282.

Keep the NAPSC away from the pre-amp and rest of the kit. Don’t stack the kit directly on top of each other.

As for the NAC282, I suggest you reset back to default (see Defaults in the manual). Then try connecting the ND5xs with the supplied grey DIN-DIN interconnect.

Hello Richard. Thanks for you’re reply Yes all connections are exactly as the instructions show regarding the hi cap and 250dr. I’ve not had this for a week yet so it could be down to speaker cable and speaker plugs. This could definitely do with an upgrade as the speaker cable although is bi wired and approximately 7 metres each side is so old I’m not even sure what it is. ( 59 strand rings a bell )
I’ll try a reset with the amp to see if that works for the Din outputs.
Thanks for your help.

I believe Bi-Wiring is not considered advisable with any Naim amps… :thinking:

Naim A5 would be the standard recommend - at least 3,5 metres per side. As a possible cheap-but-OK option, I believe Linn K20 is… remarkably similar… to Naim A4 - the predecessor to A5.

Ok so I’ve just spent an hour changing the speaker cable to something I’ve just found in my bag of spares just to see if it makes a difference just because I could put my hands on it right away so two 6m lengths of QED silver anniversary and I’ve done away with the Bi wire and it’s made a massive difference, much better smoother Base and its toned the treble right down and I can now turn up the volume and enjoy much more. It’s quite unbelievable really so now I think I’ll follow your advice and go for what is recommended. Still haven’t had chance to do a reset on the 282 yet to see if I can resolve the Din output issue.
Thanks for your help.


Glad it worked - and you seem happy… :smile:

Word of warning now - Naim A5 is notoriously difficult to solder and the older A4 is likely little better (so also Linn K20). If you are good at soldering AND have a relatively high power iron, then seek out the online guidance on how to solder speaker cables.

Alternatively, look to buy cables terminated to your requirements, via a suitable dealer… :grinning:

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